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I am a 28 Year old female and I have suffered with acne right from puberty. This means that I can never remember a time when my skin wasn't full of scars,spots and oil. I have tried everything apart from the harsh drugs as I suffer with anxiety and IBS already and I don't think it would be a good match for me. 
So I have been using Duac for the last couple of years and to give it its due,it has helped me. It has cleared my acne up to a point. I still have outbreaks when I am due on. But now my skin is always red and extremely oily that I feel like I did when I did have a face full of spots. My pores are huge also. I try to cover it up with foundation,which ideally I don't want to do. But this only lasts a couple of hours before the oil starts to separate the foundation. I try loose powder in the morning to try and create a barrier. Again,this only lasts a couple of hours. So today I have tried something new. I've stopped the Duac. Because it is a bleaching agent and an antibiotic,I fully believe that this is stripping my skin when it isn't necessary. I haven't even had a review from my gp about duac since I've been taking it! The next thing I am trying is my own face mask. It's a mixture of cucumber,natural yogurt and honey. With some flour mixed in to add
 a thickness. I've googled a good amount about whether I can use flour and apparently it has benefits to it so it won't harm the skin. And I have also bought an oil free moisturiser which claims to help break outs and oil. I am now hoping this helps because I am completely at a dead end. I just don't know what else to do. Having my face so red and oily gets me extremely down. I work in retail so I am face to face with the public all day and I just fear that when I am talking to a customer or a colleague, all they are thinking is how awful my face looks. I feel so ugly. Looks are not everything,I know this. But I was severely bullied at school for my spots,being told every day how awful I look. As I grew up,it stayed with me to a degree. I want to look presentable,I want to look nice. I don't want someone to look at me and think that I look awful,like I used to get told. Any wise words of wisdom would be great. :-(


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Hey, I'm sorry that you're having a hard time. I am too at the moment. I just wanted to say that I'm around your age and I relate to everything you said. I work with people face-to-face also. I've been trying hormonal treatments for the last little while and haven't really found the right combination of things yet. So I completely understand how frustrating and bad it feels. Somehow I keep finding it in me to keep trying and I hope that you do too. If you want to you can PM me anytime.

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I know how you feel.   Acne is ruining my life and my pocket.  Today I didn't go to work because the huge acne on my face and I feel so embarrassed. 
So I woke up an hour earlier to cover my acne with a lot of make up and at the end it didn't work.  While I was driving to work I realized I didn't have the courage to show my ugly face at work but I couldn't get back to the house too, because I was embarrassed that my husband will ask me why do you returned from work and I felt like no talking to no one, I was so  frustrated with my acne.  So I decided to wait for him to go to work and I just sat in the car.  Well it didn't work because he noticed I wasn't at work and he started looking for me every where until he found me.   He was so mad at me and he even accused me of cheating.   Well I hate my huge acne is ruining everything in my life.   I have been crying.





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