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What might work for this Surgical scar?

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I am wondering what treatments might help improve this surgical scar. Unfortunately I had a big red lump that left a decent scar under my ear. Fortunately, the red lump wasn't cancerous. That was several years ago. I do have acne scars, but they are minor and they do not bother me, so I am happy with those and will not pursue any treatments for them. I am currently on Accutane, so getting treatment for this is a while away. 

I was wondering would subcision work for this atrophic scar? I have no idea if this scar is teetered, because this scar was not the result of acne, so a bit hard to tell, as there is less information about surgical scars out there. Would a fully ablative laser work? Would Infini be useful? I live in Australia, so if I did do treatment for this, I would most likely visit Davin Lim. 

I seem a bit hesistant on using lasers, due to the poor outcome rate from many people on this board. And fillers would just result in spending a couple of thousand per year, which isn't going to solve anything long term

Worse case I am happy to live with it, but I wonder if subcision would do anything for this kind of scar, because that and TCA cross seems to be the treatments that offer some improvements for members on this board. Unfortunately, This scar would seem too large for a TCA cross peel (shame). 

Even if I can get 50% improvement that would be wonderful.

Thanks for your help. 

1516453504820 - Copy.jpg

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Tca cross is not good option for the scar,cross needs to idealy be applied in 1 go and thats not possible due to the size of the s ar.

needle it a few times over 6 months and see what that does.

you need to feel the scar also to see if its hard,if so some spot tca peels will soften it by hopefully dissolving any hardened tissue.

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This picture is very small so I can't advise you the best.

Is the scar from the mid ear to just under the lower part of the ear in a line like scar? 

Dr. Lim is extremely good with lasers/ expert, for him I would let him use this method on you (many bad doctors out there with lasers). We are not against lasers here, we just do not choose it as the first choice for wide spread acne scars. You have a scar that is minimal and can be hidden or treated. Note I do recommend erbium peels for texture but suggest for acne scars (this is not) peels first for texture before laser.

Ok so some solutions (note these are options for this type of thing, many solutions get to the same point):

* Subcision with filler and or botox if the wound is depressed 
* PRP Injections
* Erbium Laser Resurfacing or CO2 for the texture
* RF Microneedling to break up the scar tissue
* Wound-Scar Revision / Zplasty Flap by a plastic hiding the wound in the contour of your ear
* Acid peel of the wound
* Vascular laser if their is discoloration

I Would think  Dr. Lim would do the filler/botox - subcision and laser option. Use Strataderm after your procedure for proper healing of the wound.

I would not mess with DIY stuff here TCA Peel/ Cross if you have the funds (this is covered under your medicare supplement I believe) as this is not a acne scar and as such harder to treat, underlying skin structures have been affected. 

Dr. Lim can get you 50% improvement definitely, go see him!


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Thank you for the great replies. You're right BA, it is a linear scar of about 3 cms. 

Medicare in Australia covers subcision, fully ablative lasers and tca cross, but not infini, fractional lasers or fillers. You get a partial refund. 

I wouldn't do any at home treatments. Interesting you say a surgical scar is harder to treat then acne scars. I guess that gives food for thought. 

If subcision works for this kind of scar, I can apparently do that now even though I'm on 10mg accutane (according to Davin Lims YouTube, with the recent peer reviewed papers) however, I would still wait to get off it, as I'm in no rush. I actually wasn't sure if it was possible to do subcision in this area safely. 

Im willing to take a punt on laser, because I would only be treating that specific area. If it makes it worse, at least it's a small area and not the full face. I will post a full review if I do indeed go and visit Davin Lim for this. 

How about Infini RF? Apparently that's another one that can be done on low dose accutane according to recent papers? (Not that I would, but a very interesting paper to say the least) 

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Go to Dr. Lim now and see what he suggests, you can stop accutane for a few weeks and start up again. Let him know you have done so. Dr. Lim knows about Infini, fillers, subcision, etc... He might be able to get away with laser as well. He is knowledgeable on the subject of tane and treatment. 

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