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Newbie needing someone to talk to

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I have been extremely sad and low for weeks now.  I have had my acne scarring for 32 years and I am not sure I can hold anymore. 

I have never had a romantic relationship with anyone because of my scars.  I've tried asking some people out but they all turned me down because I'm ugly.

I am 38 years old and the thought of growing old, ugly and alone is alarming.



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Gonna move you to this part of forum,if you want to make a duplicate thread in the emotional part of forum feel free to do so.

rather than just someone talking to you maybe you should talk to the many who are in same boat but taking the journey to remedy their problems through scar treatment?

what you got wont go away with talking but maybe if i tell you that some subcision treatments carried out by a dr who treats skin will rid most of the bigger deeper stuff.

i wanna give you a ray of hope rather than just talk to you!

you look like asian type skin?beautifulambition and a few others know about the right course of action for your skin type but treatment is same for all bar preperation.

subcision with filler or suction cupping,enough treatments to get the bigger stuff lifted and smoothed off to the rest of face.

tca cross for larger ice picks or smaller boxcar and tca peels or correct laser for the scarred pores,just for resurfacing the top of skin.

Just dont be daft,dont go out buying fancy gadgets without asking and definately dont go throwing chemicals or sticking needles in your skin without asking.

1 year of right treatment,administered in correct way will work wonders on your face but expect to spend years,maybe 2-3 years to get realy nice skin.

the thing with scarring is the right treatment but,its in the healing time.its when we heal,this is where change takes place.

none the less,ask questions and take onboard the info but,do not do anything stupid.



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For the shorter term, could you try and conceal some of the red spots with a non-codomegenic concealer/make up? I use dermablend, because I know that product will not make me break out. I'm sure there are other brands just as good.

Great advice given above. And research, research, research.. Especially if you do decide to visit someone for scar revision. Choosing a reputable person is paramount. 

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I had similar skin but maybe 60% of what you have.

i decided to do it all myself but i am mixed race,half white/pakistani.

i started using derma roller at first for 3 months,so 2 treatments and i did sime tca cross using 100% tca on my ice pick,smaller boxcar type.after 2 rolls and a tca cross,i noticed improvement in the ice pick but i noticed some larger scars were looking bigger,after inspecting closer at my skin i realised where i rollered the skin was weird,like little dots but imprints,so i stopped rolling.

i started tca peeling and because i did 100% tca cross i did 25% tca peel but i frosted my skin good,it hurt.

i have worked up the strength to around 35% now for peeling and have carried out 8 peels.i did peel right but i should have waited longer for healing,i was waiting 1 month when i should have waited 6 weeks at least minimum.

the last peel i did was about 3 month ago and i noticed how much nicer the skin looks if you wait longer but the peels were not wasted time,if i put an estimate on my skin improvement overall,i would say 40-50%,realy!the tinier ice picks and scarred pores,all the little bumps i would see at angles in mirror were lesser.

my larger rolling scars were less as the harder edges were basicly dissolved with the tca peeling and the scarring looked less overall.mine were not just depressed,they had kinda harder edges that shined in bad lighting,think you got same kind.

so after several tca cross at same time targetting a few scars that could be crossed i was just generaly happy but 1 scar was improving but i sae it was getting larger and that worried me.

so knowing realy i needed subcision i decided to save up cos i knew it would take years at this rate.so i was saving up my money,then i decided to take a delve into self subcision,i aint recommended you do this,i am just sharing my story,the truth!

i have subcised my larger rolling,boxcarry stuff and am now 3 weeks into healing,i used suction method for around 10 days with cheapo pump thing from cupping set off ebay.some scars are now netaly gone,some are 50%,its different on each but dramatic improvement!

i know i need another but i am needling with a derma stamp my jawline as i cant dubcise there myself so while i do cheeks and heal i am stamping the jawline.

so i wait maybe another 2 weeks or so,evaluate my skin and then subcise again the same scars and then let it heal again.

I got my tca thread,its in this part of forum,watch as i update.

just dont go doing peels or tca cross without consulting about your skin type as asian type skin can damage from pigment if not treated,think you have to use a bleaching agent like hydroquinone before and after.

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Quad gave you excellent advice... 

You have all scar types. Mainly rolling and box cars with fat deficiency.

I would start with subcision and do filler (you will need 4 sessions of this spread around your rf microneedling).  Filler is essential in your case, and does require a top up, if you like it down the road you can get something like PMMA or Bellafill but I would not start here as it's not reversible and the body needs to heal during revision (HA is naturally found in the body).

I would also do RF Microneedling, there are many brands including infini, secret, intracel, intensif, etc... (you will need 4 treatments of this).

For your icepicks you will do TCA cross now (several sessions are needed) - this raises the scar bed.

I would then do a Sedated TCA peel with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to get under the scars and resurface the skin. You may need more than one , ... another option is erbium ablative resurfacing with a laser, but I would start with peels - less side effects. Goto a doctor who specializes in your skin type for resurfacing. 

Because of your skin type you need to prep the skin to avoid hyperpigmentation, use skin bleaching cream, also called whitening, or hydroquinone with tretinorin or retin a 3 weeks before and after you heal.

Please checkout the FAQ - top of the scar solutions sub, first post, and look at subcision, and tca peels. You can have some good improvement, but it will take take. For some that is over 3 years as they have the down time and funds. Also The body needs time to heal so please put some months in between treatment's to rest.

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On 2018-01-21 at 7:02 AM, tormentedsoul said:

I have never had a romantic relationship with anyone because of my scars.  I've tried asking some people out but they all turned me down because I'm ugly.



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Acne scars can have significant impact physically, and psychosocially. The physical aspect of scar revision is the easy bit, whilst the healing psychologically can take longer to heal. A good specialist will guide you with both aspects and support your progress. Photos taken monthly throughout the revision process will help you have a positive mindset. As for your scars- given the extent blunt cannular dissection, with saline or low G Prime HA will give you a 30% improvement - yes, thats with just one treatment. Lots of deep multilayer tethering. Once the bulk of the atrophic and tethered scars are freed - focused NOKOR 18G with or without fillers can 'target' focal areas. The rest is standardised RF microneedling and low density high power CO2 - given your skin type. This whole process will take 8-10 months to complete. With each month, providing treatments are perfumed correctly you will be in a better head space as well.... as your scars will continue to improve. Staying positive thought out your treatments is the key. Find a good specialist and they will guide you mentally and physically. I wish you well. 

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