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My Cure for hormonal acne - Accupuncture & chiro

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I’ve been wanting to post for ages to share my solution. I’ve always had hormonal acne, from the age of 12. They went away when I was on the pill for 10 years, but I stopped taking it at  the age of 30 because my husband and I wanted to try for a baby, and boy did the acne come back with a vengeance. Deep, cystic, white heads, on my chin, cheeks, forehead, temples. It was horrible and lasted all through my pregnancy AND months after I gave birth. 

I was breastfeeding and couldn’t take any medication so I thought I would try accupuncture as a last resort, as I found a groupon voucher and was desperate. Turns out it was fully covered by insurance so I stated going twice a week and within  6 weeks my acne completely stopped. Not even the smallest pimple!!! Amazing!! I dropped down to once a week treatments, then once a fortnight.

But then  after 8 months we had to move, and in my new city I couldn’t find an affordable accupuncture clinic that was under health insurance. My acne came back after a couple of months and it was just as bad. At the time My back was also really out of whack from carrying my daughter around, so I had to see a chiropractor. Within a Month of seeing him, once a week, I noticed my acne had stopped. I couldn’t figure out what I had done differently, til it occurred to me that i stopped breaking out once I started seeing the chiro. So I googled the link and it turns out there are nerves in the spine that regulate hormones! So in the process of getting my back fixed, it cured my acne! Now it is about maintenance and having a balanced body so that my hormones stay regulated.

But I strongly urge anyone who has hormonal acne to give accupuncture or chiro a try. It’s all natural, good for your body, and a much healthier solution than drugs and topical solutions. I’m baffled as to why These holistic treatments are not researched Or discussed more as an acne cure!

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