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Hello Acne.org and hello fellow acne sufferers!  I haven't been on this site in years. But.......

The 100% cure for acne is....well....a mystery.   I'm sorry to say that.  It is.    I have however....found my OWN personal....that's right, PERSONAL remedy for this self-esteem killing ailment.  Unfortunately we are not all carbon copies of one another.  That would make things much easier. 


Here is what i do:  Very abbreviated cause this could be ten pages

What i do.....is not scientifically backed.....well....kinda.  It's going to arouse many comments like "Dude....you should not be doing that because.....this study shows this and that study shows that and my mom said this.   I will submit to that.  My methods are a bit crazy/extreme.  

But.....my life without acne has been....i guess.....what i always hoped my life would be without acne?  I guess?


 I shower twice a week.  For my facial cleanser i use nothing.   For my deep exfoliation i use.....nothing.   But occasionally for my facial toner.....that's toner you sickos......I boil six matcha green tea bags in about a cup of water and let it briefly cool and apply it to my face.  No sea salt (if you're familiar with my old post about green tea toner)  And to be honest i rarely even do this

Umm....for males who produce a ton of androgens?......you might consider drinking Licorice Root and Burdock Root Tea.   Licorice Root Tea has a substance called aromatase which has shown to convert your manhood into femhood.  Seriously though.....if androgens are your issue.....check this out.   Burdock root tea is an amazing blood cleanser and amazing for skin.

I am not going to make this a headache to read.  Here is the truth.  I have taken some of the best advice ever given on this site by veteran members.  And it helped.   I changed my diet.......i changed my lifestyle.......i changed my attitude towards life........and I also realized that after being acne free for so many years....I had neglected the very people that helped change my life.   So i'm here.  To share if you would like me to

I was in agony.  Dealing with this sh#@.    It's not fun.  It actually has very deep and long lasting psychological effects.  That i still suffer with even though i have somehow managed to beat it. 

I am more than willing to share my advice with anyone, i honestly am.  If you've been around this site long enough you know that to find what works for you is a journey......but what the HELL ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE.  Go on the journey.  It's all we have.  i will not pretend to know this ailment inside and out. Does anyone?  But if you want any more info on what i do let me know

Thanks to Dan for allowing acne sufferers to share their stories.  Most companies would ban that sh#@ and say USE OUR STUFF OR GET OUT OF HERE. 

If you go the licorice tea route......i might advise other less extreme routes.....like peppermint tea.  Licorice root works......i mean it really works.   Taken in the right dosage....which i have....it makes you think and act like a girl i shit you not.   It lowers your free testosterone like you would not believe.....so it comes with a price.   I did not experience this with peppermint tea though.  Or Burdock Root.  if it tastes nasty.....and Burdock root does.....get some flavorful tea bags of your choice and mix it in

Girls:   I won't pretend to understand your conflict with using makeup to cover up vs. going all natural in order to heal topically.  It seems like a huge struggle.  To go natural means exposing your face to the world.  And when your face is not what you would like it to be.....it's hard.  As a guy i don't use makeup.....so....it's easier for guys.  I'm sorry about that.  But then again....maybe there are make-ups out there that don't break girls out.   I personally like to look at raw female faces verses made up up faces.  But that's me

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Dear Lord I hope so.

That is what we all hope for.  Yes?

It is possible i just grew out of it.  Some of us do.  For those of us that don't....it takes a bit of trial and error. 

Are you still dealing with it? 

I have to say this.....there are thirty....forty......fifty year olds still dealing with acne.....

To simply grow out of acne is a dream come true.   And i hope that happens to everyone on this site.   Because it's so simple and just requires one ingredient:  Age

I can guarantee you this:  That i have been through high school and college with people staring at my face giving me advice on how to clear my acne.  I can guarantee you that i have decided to stay home from social events due to my acne.  I can guarantee you that I have refused to ask girls on dates because of my acne. 

I can guarantee you this:   I have spent nights staring up at the ceiling wondering why i have this condition.  And why it's so hard to get rid of. 

I can guarantee you i came to this site as a desperate soul.  And i found the help i was looking for in people who were willing to take time to help me.   And i am eternally grateful to them

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"Or you probably just grew out from acne"  

Or.....it is possible....that.... i worked my ass off researching how to beat this thing.....and used all available information at my disposable to my advantage.....and went through much trial and error.....ups and downs.....successes and failures......

That's another possibility.

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I am encouraging members of this site to open their minds.....

Open up your mind to the possibility that you have not exhausted every possible avenue.....

I was ready to give  up....oh my good lord i was.....

After trying the next great thing.....and failing.....

I wanted to die.....

Thankfully......i didn't.  And i ended up figuring out what i needed to do.   I can only hope everyone else on this site has the same experience. 

Again....if you have questions on how i have done this comment or message.  I am here to HELP!!!!   not to lecture or preach

If you want my help awesome.  If not i hope you find the help you need from someone else on this site.  There are so many members with great advice

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So, to be clear, you are basically following a modified cave man regime - in the sense that you don't cleanse your face and you are only showering twice a week? Or am I mistaken?

Do you moisturise? Do you wash your face at all?

What changes did you make to your diet?

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The diet question is one that will spark much debate.   If you have been around this site long enough you will know that diet is something of a huge discussion.   Gluten free.....dairy free......Glycemic index......

What i have done is......eliminate ALL topicals.    I used to rely on Benzoyl Peroxide like none other.    I started with a 5% solution.   Saw some results.....then moved on to a 10% solution.  Cream.  Saw some improvements honestly.    After a year of using this strong solution....my acne still remained.    Here is honesty like you will not see on any site.  The creams tightened my face as if it were being sucked of all it's moisture.   Whatever positive impact they were having on my face, the negatives far outweighed them.   I couldn't even smile.   Because of the tightness.  And if i added an oil to my regimen....yes it helped with the tightness but my face was as red as a freshly scrubbed (with a brush) face.  So you got rid of your acne...sort of....but in the process gained a bright and shiny red face.  

I had honestly had enough of topical treatments.   So i stopped.  Aside from the occasional green tea toner.   Acne in MY experience is caused by what you are doing externally as well as internally.   And mostly....it's internally.    But if you continue to slather stuff on your face and rub your face raw with chemicals.....you will never know the impact of the internal approach.   This is because your skin is continuing to react to what you are doing externally.  

Now....if you are fine with having a shiny red face......then continue with whatever regimen you are using. 

But i'm telling you there is something greater to be achieved in your pursuit of clearing acne.  Something that will make your skin look like normal skin.  Whatever normal skin is in your mind.   It takes months and months of constant discipline.  Of patience.   My skin no longer looks oily or red or shiny.    I take more vitamins and minerals than you would assume to be safe.   This .   This is where i cross the line.  This is where i challenge all accepted science in regards to the safe dosage of vitamins and minerals.    And it's why i'm hesitant to suggest my approach to anyone.  It's experimental..    Thank god.....it has worked for me.

I do not take one multi-vitamin per day.   I take......eight.    With meals.   Along with my diet plan.   And i have done this for YEARS.   And remarkably.... I"m still alive and well.    Interesting.....how such a severe ailment such as acne requires such a severe treatment.  

When i tell the people i am close to what i am doing to cure my acne they all respond the same:  It is unwise to be taking that many supplements and eating the way you do.   And based on their research.....they may be in face correct.   Or.....they may not be.   I have done this for the past seven years and i am CLEAR.   How do you define clear?  One breakout per month?  Per week?  

I define it as zero breakouts .   I dealt with cystic acne......whiteheads.....red skin.....oily skin.......clogged pores/blackheads.......

My experience with acne has been detrimental to my over-all mental health .   I am still scarred to this day from the judgemental eyes of my peers.  

I was at my wits end dealing with this.   I am free now.  And I am only looking to help others in need of help.   Do i have all the answers?  Do in know your exact reasons for your acne?  Umm....no.  HELL no.    But if i can help you in any way that i can i absolutely will

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To quote Vanilla Sky (the movie....with Tom Cruise yes....)  Open your eyes....

Open your eyes to new possibilities.   Possibilities that are not recommended by your dermatologist.....or doctor....or Pro active commercials that tell you acne can be conquered by using a 3 step program. Simply wash your face.....use our toner.....and then apply our cream....and your acne will go away, as seen in  our made up models that likely have never dealt with acne.  You do realize that don't you?  That the models you see on these commercials are hired to help sell a product?  They convinced me years ago to try their stuff.   And i was desperate to heal.  And they know that their target market is desperate to heal.  And they know that when consumers see clear faces with "before and after pics"  that they have you by the balls. 

Heal yourself internally.   There is SO much information on this site regarding how to do so

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