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Hi, just gonna give you guys a short intro of my acne story. Started to getting mild acne when i was 17 ish years old (i'm 23 now). It wasn't that much but my self -confidence hit the rock bottom when i had a few spots. When I was 20 I got better self-confidence and didn't care that much anymore but I still looked in the mirror every morning and evning for a new pimple. I haven't tried that many acne-products but a lot of cleansers-toners-moisturizer, but I have tried Acne.orgs regimen but my skin couldn't handle the BP so stopped using that like three years ago. When I stopped using the BP my skin got a lot better and I just used the Acne-orgs cleanser and a moisturizer from the pharmacy that had mineral oils and all that bad stuff in it. Since I just had like on active spot at a time i didn't care that much about my skincare-routine. But this summer my skin got very, very oily and I had to do something about it, so I tried a bunch of different products during the summer which didn't help at all, not for the oily skin and not for the "acne". My skin went from good, but oily, to bad in just a week, I got so many pimples and my self-confidence was gone again. I went back to dan's cleanser and the bad moisturizer since I know that my skin wouldn't break out from it. But I did know that they were causing the oily skin due to dehydrated skin. So a couple of weeks later with the bad skincare-routine my "acne" was gone, or almost, I still had a lot of red marks and 1-3 active pimples. In desperation i went to a beautysaloon or whatever you call it in english, and she gave me some products from Bioline that contained AHA and other good stuff that would take care of the oiliness. I tried this for 2 months and my skin got oilier and I got new pimples every or every other day. Then I tried a couple of other products for a short time which I know is bad for your skin, by switching products all the time my skin went crazy. Then one day I got so tired of the routine, and I tought that my friends don't use any products and they have good skin, of course they get some pimples from time to time but that's normal. So I decided to start the caveman regimen, i will only wash my face with water when i've excersised and my face is all sweaty. Other than that I will try to avoid water as much as possible, of course I will get water on my face when i shower but I will not care about it to much since the main goal of this regimen is to let go of our anxiety caused by our skinproblems. 

The first week I didn't noticed that much of a change, I got a bunch of pimples but I know that's because of all the products i tried the weeks before. The day I started this regimen (13 dec) I had probably my worst breakout since forever so I can't blame the caveman regimen the first weeks for any new pimples. 

Week 2, I could feel the flakiness started to form but it wasn't noticeble yet. My skin felt dry and it was as oily as before. Had new pimples forming every day but I guess that was because of all the products still. If I shouldn't have had that breakout the day I started i would say that my face was good if we talking acne, but all the red marks makes it look that I have so much pimples. 

Week 3, still get som pimples, some of them are gone within a few days and some is taking forever to heal. I actually exfoliated some parts of my skin with my bare wet fingers, mainly in my "mustach-area" and the nose. Seems like the oiliness is getting worse actually which is really discomforting. Everone else that had sucess with this regimen writes that their oiliness subsided during week 2-3 and that was what i was hoping for. If it weren't for the red marks now my skin would be good in acne, still get some spots but not that much it seems. Feels like all the clogged pore is purging and that their is no new one forming, some is like a white worm (disgusting i know) that i can easily just take off after a couple of days and some turns into a pimple. If it continues this way I know I will have sucess with this regimen, cause as I said, without the red marks from the first two weeks i wouldn't care about my face, just about my oily face. 

Since you should give a new skincare routine 6-8 weeks at least I guess I will give the caveman regimen that time as well, after all the years that i have totured my skin with harsh cleansers I know it will take more than 3 weeks to learn how to take care of itself again and balance the sebumproduction. The only thing that makes me a little bit worried is that the oiliness hasn't improved at all. Becasue of the oiliness I have to go to bathroom every hour when i'm with people to wipe away the sebum which makes me look at the mirror and destroy my self-confidence again. Well as I said, i will give this regimen at least 5 more weeks (I hope), I really hope this works cause the freedom of not having any skincare-routine is AMAZING. I will probably update in a couple of weeks or at the end of week 8. 

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