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My acne is not going away

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I really need help . I’m  a teenager and have had the exact acne around my mouth and jawline for over a year. The thing is is that there are so many together around my mouth big and tiny and don’t go away. I save a good skincare routine and I do anything to help my skin . It really upsets me and I’m so embarrassed . About a month ago I went to the doctor and they gave me lymecyline pills and nothings changed I don’t know what else to do how can I clear it fast

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Take the lymecycline in the morning when you wake up with tiny bit if water,dont eat or drink for 1 hour.give it a couple of weeks to work.

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1 month is usually the changing point when you will start to notice change.  Around 6 weeks-8 weeks should be time to tell.

my 2nd round of antibiotics ain't working as well, nearly 4 months and still at square 1.  They clear some people, which they did for me, but I relapsed unfortunately.

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I can relate I had cystic acne bad for 7 years I tried everything. I finally found out that it was genetic and that I wasted my money on so much medication I found a good dermatologist that really wanted to help me get rid of it. He prescribed me accutane and I follow all the doctors detections changed my diet started exercising every day. Being on the medication sucked the side effects are nasty but it worked. I might have had a couple pimples since. I still have scars left over and don't care much about them. Just keep your head up people treated me like a leper thinking they were going to catch it or something lol! Just take care of you self.

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