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tretinoin 11th week. do i look better?

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Tomorrow will be the start of my 11th week on tretinoin. I dont know how should i assess my improvement. I guess i look better than before except, my forehead develop new tiny bumps. A LOT.  My face is also still peeling mildly. I cant put concealer!! My face will look flaky and uneven. Im running out of tretinoin, this night will probably my last application. I also run out of clindamycin last week. Should i go back to my derm for another prescription? Also i wanna know how long this tiny bumps will stay in my forehead. They were very frustrating. Once theyre gone another wave of bumps will appear. I only have a couple of them on my cheeks. Also why is that my cheeks still pinkish and look unhealthy close up?





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I talked to my friend who's also on tret 5 months earlier than me.. She said i should still go to the derm. Even though she is clear now still uses it for maintenance.. I guessed i have to that also and stop tret slowly. Imma try putting it every other day instead of daily when my face clear up completely.

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Wish I had your problem... my acne was on scalp and back, and impacted my ability to live normally, work, or anything. I have taken antibiotics, creams, mino, tane... you are lucky, trust me :) 

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14 hours ago, acneistheworst said:

Why? Is it severe? Have you tried consulting a derm? Well at least you can hide your acne.

Yeah, ofc... many of them. I tried everything, mino, creams, shampoos, tane... i never got anything on face, except a bit around nose. But back and scalp, they stained the shirt, you can't sleep properly(it hurts as well)... they were severe. I have battled with this problem over a decade, I just had to finish a tane dose as I had a severe reaction to it. 

I never saw my acne as a cosmetic problem, it's more a problem to function normally. 

I long suspected acne is also an immune problem, that is, how our immune system responds, amongst other. 

I worry every day what long term effects I will have from all my treatments. 

We all differ, but acne varies from cosmetic problem, to possibly very debilitating disease which severely impacts life quality, relationships, work whatever, sport...acne has robbed me of big part of my younger life. 

To be certain, if I have kids, I want a wife who has never had a tiniest spot... skin perfection is important, I do not want my kids to have the hell I did.  Edited by fiksi

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