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What to do/use for this type of marks? (Picture)


so in the picture below you can see my face as it is right now. I had acne since i was 15 years old but they always faded away and most times didnt even leave a mark.. Now, since like a year or so the pimples i get leave to 99% a mark and tehy dont seem to fade away! 
I called a dermatologist and i have to wait more then 1 month to get it checked..
I must say, i got my acne under control i only get a small pimple like once or twice a week around my mouth area but thats because i am bulking right now.

My routine:
-every morning i wash my face with tea tree oil and apply 25% vitamin c serum 
-before going to bed i was my face with tea tree oil and apply 5% BPO 

Honestly i dont know if they change anything they seem to just fade the marks until i wash my face and it looks the same again...
They just dont heal or fade.. Back then, i always used tea tree oil only and it worked always but now my face is a mess..

I already deal with insecureness, anxiety and depression now this acne made my quit school and made me dont leave the house as i couldnt stay the physical pressure anymore..
I am close to giving up.. They just dont fade..

Are they even marks or scars becuase that would explain everything as they just dont seem to go away..

I really hope someone can help me..


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Hey I too am dealing with PIE which is Post inflammatory Erythema (the red marks leftover from acne that take forever to heal) and I got a couple of suggestions:

You need to cleanse & moisturize your skin... I use cetaphil for both.
After I moisturize, I put some BPO on any active spots, then I use pure vitamin e oil at 35,000 IU - dab a tiny amount only on the marks, not active acne! You can use this in conjunction with your vitamin C

Tea tree oil is great for spots, but it is very strong and apply alot can cause irritation and breakouts. What do you mean you wash your face with it? And you're using BPO at the same? I'd just stick to tea tree oil since its a natural and not a harsh chemical unlike BPO. Just take a small amount and dab it only on active spots, not the rest of the face. 

When you go outside use sunscreen, this is very important for the healing phase of these marks!

Also general stuff to help prevent acne in the future:  Don't touch your face, drink plenty of water and change your pillow cases weekly or so.

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