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WHAT THE HELL IS THIS (Acne scars w/pics)

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Read the FAQ - top post of the hyperpigmentation sub, everything is in there ;-), you try OTC first, then you goto the doctor if they are not effective. PIE can take a year or more to heal naturally, but most people do not want to wait.

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I too have PIH on my right cheek and 2 cysts on left and currently m on accutane (2nd month) so what should I do any advice would be helpful

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@Addy s

On accutane, you cannot do acid peels, use retin a (topical form of accutane) so your limited to trying hydroquinone (if it truly is PIH - did you do the test of pressing on it/ does it go away temporarily,... mentioned in the FAQ - top of this sub), ... if hydroquinone or something like a lightening / whitening cream does not work with Konjic Albutin etc... then you have 2 choices wait till done with accutane 6 months after and you can do the other treatments listed in the FAQ for PIH or do vascular laser now (even on accutane) v-beam, excel v, ipl, 1064nm all are types for your pigmentation issues. 

PIE takes a long time to heal up to a year, and is wounding from acne while on tane or after.

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