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Y'all I've suffered with these on my cheeks for the past 3 years now
I've tried eating clean, cutting dairy, no makeup, acne.org, water and too much more to type 
I don't think this is hormonal because they appeared after I used a hydroquinone/trentonin mix prescribed by my dermatologist(completely ruined my skin btw) 
Now I have these bumps and idk how to get rid of them or what they are 
I sometimes get the sebum filled comedones that I can extract but most are too flat to pop they just make my cheeks looks rough and I can feel them when I run my hand along my cheeks (mostly right cheek ) and they are most apparent when I stretch my cheek..So I'm lost guys what can I do to get my baby smooth skin back ? I see a lot of ways to cure this skin condition on the forehead but they don't seem to work on my cheeks..I feel like I'm the only one with this problem and it's not major but it's annoying af and it takes a toll on my confidence 

I'd love to hear from someone whose had this on their cheeks and managed to clear it up 
Side note I'm not on BC pills either 

Current regimen 

Manuca honey 
Greentea/rose water toner 
Sunday Riley UFO oil(contains salicylic acid) 

Wonderfully naturals abs 
Greentea/rose water toner 
Sunday Riley UFO oil



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There have been others who have complained of similar problem. I'm starting to think maybe it's allergic reaction, much like goose bumps when you freak out. Also it's worth mentioning that hydroquinone/tretinoin mix thins your skin. Again, I suspect allergic reaction.

I suggest you lay low and stop all your cleansing regimen for about a week. Just use water to wash your face. Do not use any toner. For moisturizer, I recommend jojoba oil or grapeseed oil.

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I have the same problem and although I have seen a slight improvement these things just seem to want to stick around for as long as possible. 

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I noticed one thing. I always had normal/clear skin without any bump before I developed cystic acne. While retinoid cleared up my stubborn cystiv acne acne (it cleared my cystic acne when nothing else was working!) it changed my skin texture to bumpy. I came to conclusion that it might be due to retinoid (in my case trentinoid). Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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