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Sirius Lee

Dissolving Scar with DMSO + Iodine + Super CP + HA Acid Serum

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So if you've been stalking my old posts, you would know that I'm really big on using DMSO (https://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/337735-dmso-the-best-fix-for-acne).

  • DMSO pretty much scavenges and eats free-radicals for lunch. More importantly, it breaks up scars and boosts collagen.*
  • Iodine, being an essential metabolic element, helps in scar regeneration.
  • Copper peptide works amazingly well in scar reduction.
  • Hyaluronic acid serum is all about wrinkle-free smooth skin, aka anti-aging.

 * DMSO should not be used alone but combined with others like the ones listed above. Only use topically, namely, don't get it into you eyes, nose, mouth, and any other possible opening or orifice that I've left out. Lastly, be smart. Don't overuse it.

One word of caution about DMSO: DMSO is a transdermal agent, meaning it gets absorbed into the skin, so make sure you clean the site before application and be certain it doesn't come in contact with anything dirty, like soiled clothes. Also avoid plastic and latex gloves when handling DMSO. From what I know, all the toxins found in plastic/latex will get sucked in by DMSO and penetrate into the skin and/or bloodstream. Spooked yet?

On the other hand, because DMSO is very effective as a delivery agent, it works beautifully as a vehicle to take your topical cream or liquid down into the skin. Take hyaluronic acid serum  for example. The molecule of HA acid to too damn large to penetrate our skin barrier, so it just sits on top.  To be effective, the hyaluronic acid needs to be absorbed into your skin, period. By using DMSO, this is quite possible.

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Regeneration of Human Scar Tissue with Topical Iodine

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DMSO mixed with an anti-inflammatory (I use aspirin) works like magic. I happened to stumble upon Sirius Lee's older threads regarding DMSO and joined the forum just so I could post to confirm for those who are skeptical. I had terrible cystic acne as a teenager and it lasted throughout my 20's. I still get bad ones now and then. Take the precautions of having clean hands, clean surfaces, etc., apply at onset and then leave it alone. Within nine hours cyst shrinks, loses inflammation & redness. I have not tried the copper or iodine formulations - never got that creative - they sound interesting and I will likely try something similar. But to eliminate red, inflamed cystic acne breakouts, DMSO plus aspirin is the most effective remedy available with or without a prescription. 

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I purchased a sample kit that included 99% DMSO and two gels, one 50/50 and one 65/35 DMSO and Aloe Vera respectively.  I've been trying to put the  50/50 on my daughter's cystic and clustered acne but it burns and she ends up dabbing it off with a warm wash cloth.  Do you have any recommendations on what I can add to the DMSO to lessen the burning sensation?  Right now we are doing black seed oil and DMSO.

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