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Found solution for butt acne / boils / folliculitis

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I hope my experience can help someone.

I have been suffering from severe butt acne for about 8 years. Tried benzoyl peroxide lotion, soaking in salt water, iodine, different acne creams, retinol - A, coconut oil, avoiding some foods ( milk, coffee, oil) - nothing worked.

Some time ago I was searching some new information about the subject and came across someone saying that usually people who  sit a lot get butt acne. So I thought that maybe long time pressure on the butt causes ingrown hair. I have been really sitting a lot at work or when I am relaxing at home and laying on my back - there is still a lot of pressure on my butt.  So I decided to avoid sitting and laying on my back even when sleeping. I lay on the sides and try not to sit at all or to sit for a very short time. Especially it's easy to do because I am not working at the moment.  Have been doing this for about a week,   and  my butt is almost clear now - no new boils, old ones have dried out, no inflammation,  just some dark spots that keep fading each day - I guess it will take some more time for them to fade as the boils were really deep.  I am so happy that this nightmare is finishing!

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This problem could be bacterial or fungal. In the second case a fungal wash could be a good treatment. If it's bacterial, it could heal within two weeks, as it happened with Trinky. If it didn't, it's necessary to choose a treatment with a doctor.

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