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Accutane 1 Month - How long for Hyperpigmentation?

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I originally was on an anti biotic and cream from my dermatologist from August 1st to September 27th. She put me on accutane and now I have been on it for a full month at 20mg. I do have a decent amount of cystic underneath but nothing like it used to be. It looks very scarred and the color is very dark purple. When will this go away? Will accutane help it? IMG_2439.PNGIMG_2440.PNG

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once accutane does its job and you stop getting any spots at all your marks will fade over a few months - a few years.
your hyper pigmentation looks fairly fresh so I would say within 6-8 months of not having any acne there should be a very noticeable difference and within a year or two the marks will be gone completely and it make look like you never had acne!

I'm not too sure if accutane will help the fading. I personally believe it does because it also causes high cell turn over so you are constantly shedding that top layer of skin, as well as no longer getting any new acne breakouts.

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I had almost exatly the same, as severe as you. However i used Epiduo that cleared me up perfectly. I had the scars for like 2 months, but they are fading rapidly now and should be gone by  the 2 coming months. Use Vitamins on it will help, i have been using a cream that contains vitamin C E and A, it helped alot. 

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