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Hey guys!
So, I've noticed some weird stuff on my face. It's basically lots of tiny whiteheads ( I don't know if this is their correct name but they are White so yeah), they look like blackheads but they are white. 
Well, what bothers me is that I think some of them are turning into red and noticeable zits, some of them small and a little red and others bigger and more noticeable. A small part of them become loose and they easily come off without leaving any mark or redness but the majority gets red. 
Ugh, I hate It, they are so many and mostly on my cheeks. 
I'm on 30mg of accutane right now (I've been on accutane for almost 6 months now but It's been only a month since my dermatologist increased my dose to 30 mg) so I don't know if this has anything to do with It... Maybe accutane is pushing them out? I honestly don't know, I cant find any relevant information about these things. 

I'll just leave a picture I found on the Internet here:Screenshot_2017-10-25-23-51-29.png

They kind of look like this but they are on my cheeks. 
If You could give me some information about these things I would really aprecciate It... What may be causing them? I wear makeup everyday on weekdays but I remove It as soon as I get home (2pm).
Thank you, have a good day. 

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Well yeah, they look like that but I think some of them are turning into zits (?) I don't even know anymore 

Oh, I've just noticed that some of them have turned black and now look like blackheads 

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dry sebum / dead skin can  blocked pores, which = spots

im not an expert but maybe you need to research exfoliating?

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