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Super Dry Cracked Skin around the mouth any advcie please??

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Hello,  A month ago I had angular cheilitis and was desperate for a cure. I used a topical steroid for it but my skin reacted horribly. There is redness around my mouth as well as itchiness. I've come to conclusion that it's either Perioral Dermatitis or Seborrheic dermatitis. I also got a rash on the top of my chest. It has also spread to my neck where you can find red bumps and white pustules. The worst part is the dryness. It gets super dry and cracked!!!! Sometimes it even gets ashy. The itch has gone down from a 10 to a 2.  I am more concerned about the dry area around my mouth and under my neck. I discontinued all products as soon as i got the bad reaction from the steroid. I have just been using water to clean my face as well as apply aloe vera straight from the plant. I do that 3x a day. I drink a gallon of water a day. I also started taking fish oils and multi vitamins a month ago. I have yet to dry a moisturizer because I'm afraid of it turning out worse. One thing I have to say that's really concerning is lets say I wet the area, I dry off the area, then if I eat or if I stretch my mouth around it gets even more dry!!! I noticed that the more I moved my mouth around the more dry it would get. Can anyone help me? I just started drying ACV. 50/50 ACV & Water.  1 month ago it was extremely dry. However, it doesn't look nearly as bad as what it use to. It's still pretty bad where I am too embarrassed to go outside.  Whenever I was i notice a lot of dead skin lying around on my face. When i tried to remove the dead skin (gently rubbing it off) it just revealed open cuts that ooze out a yellowish liquid. So I stopped doing that. I'm so lost and out of hope. This thing is taking over my life. Any advice on how to treat this is appreciated.  Even hearing if someone had something similar to mine would be soothing.

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If you stop using steroids, you may start to see an improvement but it can take a long time to clear up so it's best to see your GP as soon as you think you have the condition. She may order a blood or urine test to see if you lack biotin or iron. She may also take a sample of the dry skin by flaking some of the skin onto a smear slide and examining the skin under a microscope.

Your doctor will be able to confirm that it is perioral dermatitis rather than one of the conditions that resemble it, and can prescribe treatment to speed up your recovery.

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