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help with acne problem

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I am a male in my early 30's......I have never really suffered with acne. I had the occasional zits going through high school, but they were spotty, and seemed to go away pretty quick. It kind of went away all together through my 20's. Around a year ago I started getting big pimples down deep that never came to a head around my nose and down to my mouth area. I could never get them to go away without scarring. Yes I popped them...if there was no head I would get a needle out, and try to get the stuff out......After a couple months of getting these I decided to make a trip to the dermatologist. They prescribed me tretinoin cream, clindamycin cream, and a sulfur facewash. It made my face so red and flaky and acne got bad...it was almost a rashy acne....So she took me off of the tretinoin cream, and told me to just use clindamycin wipes for awhile. They seemed to help with the big pimples I had been dealing with. I mean I still got them, they just werent as big. It however made other parts of my face break out. Just tiny little pimples, and it also made my face look really greasy looking all the time. After a couple months on these she decided to put me on minocycline. So I started taking it once a day. I went back to my regular routine of washing with clearasil facewash, and using an oxy pad after getting out of the shower, and then putting benzoyl peroxide all over my face before bed. It was doing pretty decent for awhile. I was still getting pimples around in various spots here and there. So i was on this for 3 months, it was suppose to be a 6 month does she told me. For some reason the pharmacy didnt get the order for the fourth month from the dermatologist. After a couple weeks of going around with the pharmacy and the dermatologist playing phone tag. It finally came in. So I started it again. After about 2.5 months through the final 3 months she had me come back in for a checkup. By this point I am getting pimples in areas of my face I have never gotten pimples. I am really frustrated when I go into see her. As I feel the minocycline has made my acne worse. She told me to finish the minocycline, and start adapalene .3%. So I finished the minocycline, and started using the adapalene by itself at nighttime. After about a week my face was the clearest its been in ages. It lasted for about 10-14 days. Then I started breaking out everywhere. I had read some stuff on the internet about adapalene pulling pimples to the surface and going through a stage for a couple of weeks at the 2 week mark where your face will break out. They recommended to stick with it, and after about a month the skin will start clearing up. I was breaking out bad about the 3 week mark. So I added some benzoyl peroxide at nighttime to help.....which it did a little. Now though I am at the 5 week mark and still I am getting breakouts. How long should I give this adapalene before I abandon it. I dont want to quit to soon if it really will start working. I havent missed a does of it . I use it every night after my shower. So just looking for opinions on what to do. Sorry for the novel, but any help is appreciated.

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i would keep to what your dermatologist has given you.

all i would say is don't go over board with these  clearasil / shop bought products, most are aimed at teenage acne.. also worth noting  benzoyl peroxide is a skin irritant so you should really be using the weakest strength possible (ie 2.5% or 5%)  and then only use a small amount, once a day (night time is best)

it can be a downward spiral, you get a few spots, try to get rid of them(soap/creams etc), pick them, things get worse... sometime you need to break the chain and leave your skin alone to heal - no soap/creams, wash with only water for 5days (do a forum search for the caveman regimen).

i would also recommend  doing some research on adult acne and have a look at your diet.

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I switched from clearasil face wash to clean and clear 10% benzoyl peroxide face wash. I then use a oxy pad when I get out of the shower. I wait 5-10 minutes and then put on the adapalene. Then about 5-10 minutes later I put on persa gel. It is also 10% benzoyl peroxide......I am guessing that is too much. Also what face wash would you recommend for adult acne, and what benzoyl peroxide treatment. Is there anything that would be available at a walmart, cvs, or something that would be available for me to get quick? Also forgot to add. I tried making my diet better. I switched to drinking only water, and occasionally tea. I will also drink cranberry and lemon juice. I take a multi vitamin, vitamin e, vitamin a, probiotic, zinc, saw palmetto, borage oil, and a b-complex vitamin.

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