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Feeling really down today

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I'll keep it short because I'm too sad to make this long. I've had acne for years. I'm 27 now and looking back at pics of myself in high school I had big cysts on my cheeks. The thing is my acne has come and gone. For a few years I got literally no spots (off any meds) and 6 months ago my acne came back full force. I started accutane 30mg x4 weeks and now am on 40mg for 2 weeks and I'm so frustrated. I had really horrible and huge cysts on my face the first couple weeks and this morning I came home from work and felt a huge cysts on my forehead when washing my face. 

I keep reading people say that week 6 was a big turning point for them and I feel like I'm going in the opposite direction. I am so sad I just sat on the ground and cried when I felt that new cyst. I feel like I am gonna be one of those ppl accutane doesn't work for and I don't know how to cope w that. I would be so so happy to be acne free and so grateful and I really thought this was gonna be my cure 

just feeling really really low

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your acne gets stronger during the first 2 to 3 months. I would only worry if your acne is not better after week 12.

Try out a ketogenic/paleo diet. There is evidence that tribes who dont eat sugar, nor milk products, don't have any acne. 

also google the possible long term side effects that accutane can have... If you have the emotional strength, please consider going off the drug SLOWLY, and try the ketogenic diet and phototherapy/ excimer laser therapy.

Really do your research on the long term side effects. They can be very debilitating.

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