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New to acne help me

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I've never had acne my whole life im 20 now I had great skin and I'm pale with freckles. About 6 months ago I started losing weigh and I've lost 50 pounfs up until now. About 3 months ago I started getting a few unnoticeable pimples in 2 spots but the past month it's popping up all over the place. My pores on my cheeks are bumpy, my skin has become oily and I have acne on my forehead and my right side of my cheek and jaw line. I used to shower every other day and never washed my face but now I do everyday and I use cleansers nothing stops it. I was prescribed aczone and I'm not sure if it helps or makes its worse. My skin is the most sensitive it's ever been it could be late start hormones idk. Help me please

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Use a gentle cleanser and moisturiser so that your skin isn't getting irritated any further. Follow a strict routine morning and night. For bumpy skin glycolic acid really helps. Don't use scrubs and pat your face dry very gently so that your skin doesn't become irritated and make sure you're changing your pillowcase daily so that the dirt and oil from hair and skin isn't making your spots worse. Hope that helps.

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I'm not sure in your area can find a cream that contain Licorice and onion , Licorice can help to control an oil condition on your skin , while Onion can help to kill bacteria

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