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My experience with Benzoyl Peroxide, can you help ?

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Hello everyone !

I have always had sensitive skin but have suffered with acne since I was about 13, all over my face and the rare occasion on my neck or chest area. I tried everything to stop it, scrubbing my face, all of the over the counter soaps, scrubs and creams I could get my hands on. I stopped eating sweets/candy and drank nothing but water for 2.5 years. None of it made any difference until I found Benzoyl Peroxide. I can across it in an online forum and decided it was worth a try, what did I have to lose ? 

I bought some Benzoyl Peroxide along with the required face wash/cleanser and moisturiser and It worked amazingly at first ! I applied it gradually till I was applying it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night and was amazed as I got to sit and watch my spots disappear to nothing ! I was so happy that I could of go out makeup free, however, it was short lived :( as time went on my face was getting increasingly red and dry to the point it was super painful :(

8months after its first application I could could barely move my face because of the pain, I tried everything I could to make it right ! I reduced the amount I was applying, then only applied once per day then gradually down to not at all. 

I have now been off of Benzoyl Peroxide for 3 month, and my spots have all came back  and I feel like I am at my wits end ! I have provided a skin analysis at below, does anyone have any suggestions on treatments I could try ? 

Age: 24
Acne: Is visible consistently (no correlation with hormone changes ect)
skin type: sensitive - combination skin
Most recently used treatments: Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%
Clean & Clear (multiple types)
Nutragina Wave (Made significant impact but has been discontinued)
Additional info:
 I work in a bakery with a lot dry ingredients which does dry my skin out a little :/

Any help or assistance anyone could give would be great ! 
P.s   I apologise for any spelling/grammar mistakes, I’m trying to write this as quickly possible while on my break !

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You should be on anti biotics,this should be the first thing that an acne sufferer should do.

tetracycline does wonders and clears up acne,all you realy should use is a moisturiser thats kind to your skin.

get to your drs and dont leave without anti biotics,then cut back on all the skin products.

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What kind of moisturiser are you using? Maybe try cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser as these two products are super gentle and might stop your skin from feeling so irritated. It might also be a good idea to use your fingers to gently cleanse the skin instead of the neutrogena wave. If it is the BP alone that has caused the skin irritation then maybe you could find an alternative product that is gentler on your skin.

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