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Has much changed over the past 10 years with regards to acne scar treatment?

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I remember coming to this forum 10 years ago, when I was a hormal teenager with horrid acne. I'm now nearly 25, and with a fair amount of acne scars, but not that bad compared to some others and I am contemplating possible treatment (including with the famous Dr Chu in London). It seems that any advancements or breakthroughs in acne scar treatment just seem to be self-promotion, not backed with any real clinical evidence.

TCA Cross seems to be the only viable solution for ice-pick scars and subcision for boxcar/rolling scars, but even then they only offer a fraction of improvement. Not to mention, you would need multiple treatments. Lasers are by and large a waste of money. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Do you guys think there will ever be any tried and tested breakthroughs in the near future?

Also is there any treatment recommended for "depressions"? In certain lighting an area on my right cheek has a noticable shadow, but it's not like a pitted scar per se.

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All the treatments here have clinical evidence, but at the tend of the day it is all on your body and how it heals. Scars treatment is never one and done, multiple things must be done. Dr. Chu is good and seems to care for his patients. 

 "fraction of improvement. " Sure if you only do one and don't do multiple things. Acne scar treatment typically happens over 3 years (depending on your down time), the more you do the more improvement you will see. It's a percentage per treatment. Your missing filler from your write up above, this lifts depressed scars after Nokor subcision. If you don't do this they re-tether or stay depressed. 

Lasers aren't a "waste" of money ... they have their place. But I don't like the side effects for most instances. A sedated TCA peel or many medium strength TCA peels are better once you lift things, to improve texture.

A breakthrough in the future, sure but are we living in the future or trying to help you now with your issue... There have been promises of all sorts of things, see the scar less healing megathread in this sub, ... been going on for 10 years. If you want perfect you can always wait.

Shadow / depressions = subcision with filler like I mentioned above ;-) 

See Dr. Chu he can fix you up.

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So I finally had the courage to take some photos of my scars close-up. Would appreciate what you think @beautifulambition.

Left side:


Right side:




In general I feel better with my left cheek than my right, but there are still a few boxcars which really bother me. I will plan to see Dr Chu at West London Dermatology Centre in the upcoming months. I can no longer find any information for him at Imperial College Hammersmith. I'm guessing he just practices privately full-time now?

No photos of my forehead as I'm fine with it. A few ice picks but they look relatively smooth on the forehead so not too fussed about them.

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Good news, easy fix, TCA CROSS, filler subcision, and if you want to go for gold, and hit the home run (if you so choose, erbium ablative at the end). You are in a good place my friend, and your scars can be improved by over 80%. With ease. I hope that gives you some light.

In context of improvements over the past 10 years- LOTS of improvements, we now have dermal fillers that last way past 2 years, latest studies show even HA fillers over 5 years. Many new techniques have been developed- we now know it is best to work UNDER your skin not on top of your skin. Subcision and targeted approaches to acne scarring is now Gold Standard, and not just fractional lasers. RF is now insulated. Work is continuing on stem cells and fibroblast cultures, no downtime LIOB inducted by Pico lasers for pores (doesn't work well on old scars), the future is bright. In 10- 20 year time stems will be re-constiuted with autologous fibroblast, mixed with better cross linked fillers, that is the future. You are in a good time of history to have your scars revised. 

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