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discoursged, frustrated and being held hostage by my acne

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I've had acne since high school. I've seen dermatologists on and off since then and have been on every treatment under the sun. Finally about a few months ago my derm said it was time to start accutane. I was elated at the thought of having clear skin. I'm week 5 of accutane and I still have horrible skin. I have big painful cysts on my cheeks that needed to be injected w cortisone and my forehead is still breaking out

i am truly devastated. I really thought accutane was gonna be my miracle. I don't have severe acne but I have a very small face and I get HUGE cysts so even when I have 4-5 cysts my whole face essentially looks covered. It's really disfiguring and makes me so upset. I have a really crazy job where I work 90 hours a week and on my days off all I want to do is enjoy myself w my friends and family but I always shy  away from plans because of my skin. I am constantly googling and reading about acne because I want so badly for it to go away. It feels like someone other than me has control over my face. I Want to work on my body and my clothes and makeup but feel absolutely paralyzed by my acne. I keep reading about people who are still breaking out 4-5 months into accutane and very much foresee that being me given ow bad things are right now

I am devastated. I don't know how to accept that acne is going to be a part of my life forever. 


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I would just say stick with it,font know whether you a guy or a gal.my advice realy would be to,if your a female,try to cut down on products on your skin,eat a normal diet,dont try to over eat cautious for your skin as it can actualy make your skin worse as sensitivity can arise.

moisturise your skin,wash with clean warm water and pat dry with towel.clean bedding,cloths and keep hands clean and dont touch and pick at your skin.

get sleep and try to stay stress free,red up and contact other accutane users here perhaps and get some advice and i am thinking you will get through woth hopefully good results.

i will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best for you for sure.

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