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Adapalene or Tretinoin ??

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Hi!! So for a couple of months I have been battling the worst acne of my life! I always had a clear face, but have gotten cystic acne on me cheeks over the summer. I tried everything.. and am now using tea tree oil as a cleanser, cetaphil moisturizer, and differin gel (adapalene 0.1%) My cystic acne cleared up so so so much and the differin helped clear of my cystic acne incredibly.. but I'll admit I still break out near my jawline and some on my cheeks.. but never the big cystic pimples I've gotten in he summer. I recently went to my doctor because I beleive it's my hormones causing the relentless pimples so she prescribed me 100mgs of minocyclin pill and tretinoin cream 0.025% at night. She told me to apply the tretinoin cream at night instead of the differin. I'm all for taking the pill to clear my face! But I'm really not sure if I should use the tretinoin cream on my face instead of the differin... Could anybody help me out and guide me on your experience or what you think I should do?? THANKS!

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minocycline is an antibiotic so does not affect your hormones, it was good for my son's skin but did not last. He used tretinoin at one stage and differin, they both were similar and I would not be concerned with changing to tretinoin 

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They are basiclly the same, just that tretinoin has a slight different chemical build, but they work the exactly the same.

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