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Confidence with Scars in Visible Locations?

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Just wanted to hear how people hear deal with scars in visible places.  Do you try hiding them or do you wear them with confidence?  I have several hypertrophic scars (mostly flat), but still stick out, still hues of red on my pale skin.  Pretty annoyed.  The ones on my back I overlook, but the one on my deltoid annoys me because I feel difficulty in the concept of wearing a sleeveless shirt like a tank top when I go to the gym because I'm self-conscious about it.  It's about dime sized and pretty much a perfect circle.  I still don't even know how I got this one.  I believe it was from a cyst when I was about 13 that healed out of control - likely due to me irritating it during the confusion of why it appeared there.  Want to change my attitude towards it by not hiding it.  Just want to hear how everyone deals with theirs.  Thanks.

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I am sure others can give recommendations of hiding scars. I am sure you can wear some athletic stretchy material shirt / cover/ mesh if your subconcious of your scars.

If the scar is raised at all they can do dilute steroid injections to flatten it.
Subcision is great for pitting.
Color is often the biggest issue for many and even with scar having matching skin color can help a lot. Try laser like V-beam, Excel V, IPL, or 1064nm to even out the color, it will take several sessions. 

There is body makeup from Dermablend and MAC that might also work for you. Dermaflage (however you spell it) also makes a product to cover scars using makeup. 

Laser fractional resurfacing also is a standard treatment on body scars for resurfacing as it's thicker skin.

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