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Oily, red, bumpy face

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It's around half of a year since i gave up treating my face. The best treatment i came upon is literally not to get depressed about my skin problems and that theres is nothing that can help me. I have probably rosacea and some kind of seb. derm? I dont know if i can say that it is seb. derm, but it is the closest. I have large pores filled with white (sebum?) which is hard on the surface of the pore - so it seems bumpy in the mirror. Everytime when i just scratch myself a little bit anywhere on face (especially in the beard) i get TONS of theese flakes. It almost seems that it isnt any condition. Im able to do this anywhere on body, on arms(tricep) for example - but it isnt that much severe like on face. I wonder if it isnt only due to large pores? That it is more noticable on the face? Sometimes i wonder what if it is good for my face? That it protects the pores? When i dont use micelar water on eyebrows or beard, it is really noticable. On other parts of face i have to use tweezers to get it out of my face. 

And there we come to the other problem. I cant use any harsh treatment. Literally everyone makes my face red afterwards for couple of days. Best way i got rid of theese flakes was to pick them with tweezers and in eyebrows and beard with micelar water. Thats all i do for half a year since i tryied to get my skin fixed.  
I want to get rid of this (sebum?) and my red face (probably rosacea but could be something else which bonds with sebum)... I have couple of images from year 2016 - it stayed the same - even doctors didnt help. (Photo with flash is a bit more contrasted so it isnt as that red, but you get the idea) Ill post more images later if you want - you cant see on these images sebum in beard or eyebrows. 

So im asking... should i try something ? What do you recommend? I was discussing rosacea on another forum, but nothing helped except steroid cremes  ... Should i even try something? I dont know if its worth the risk that i wont succeed :/ (and therafore get into depression AGAIN) - sorry for my english, hope you can understand





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