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Light therapy for hyperpigmentation/scars/marks?

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I am on the road to skin recovery...I have had hormonal acne for years now and this year I was just sick of looking at it. I came off Logynon which I discovered was causing large, painful breakouts, I started an Image Skincare regime at my dermatologist's recommendation (ph balancer, salicylic acid, deep moisturiser, lightening serum) and recently started substituting with acnecide which I find about the best treatment I've used in a while.  My acne is under control and I currently only have 5 small, barely noticeable spots (yay!). HOWEVER..I am covered in hyperpigmentation and marks. i began to get it when i was younger across my right cheek (which has always gotten the brunt of the acne) and it always made my acne look worse and is difficult to get rid of fully as my skin is extremely pale. I have tried everything - literally, natural, organic, vitamins, serums, prescription, medical, off the counter, diet etc etc... Dermatologist wants me on retinol vit a after I use these products up. In the meantime I have looked into light therapy, in particular the neutrogena mask, the results for marks and mild acne seem very positive and it is a very reasonable price given the amount of clinical and home light treatment out there...has anyone any experience with light therapy? Or the neutrogena mask?

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I've been using blue light therapy for a month now and the results are amazing. I was going to get the neutrogena mask but I realised that you have to buy refill cartridges after every 30 uses so it ends up being quite expensive in the long run. I got a rechargeable hand-held device instead called Lumi from an australian online store called Lumitherapy. It was for $186 including free shipping and it was the best investment I've made for my skin. When I get pimples, I get those huge, red ones that hurt and then forms a lot of pus. When I felt one of these huge pimples forming on my chin (it hurt every time I tried to speak/eat), I used the blue light on it that night and the next morning the redness and pain was COMPLETELY GONE and it STAYED gone. the blue light treatment is really effective in preventing breakouts and its worth a shot if nothing else has worked for you.

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