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closed comedones - help me!

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I have combination-sensetive skin. I have clogged pores on my forhea, chin, near the eyebrows, and on the cheeks (near the nose), I also have KP on my cheeks and arms (sucks). I really struggle with them, there're like tiny bumps, closed comedones under my skin.
I read that BHA's are good for this problem, which products do you recomended? My skin care routine now is:
1)remove makeup with oil
2) wash my face with low ph gentle cleanser (I'll start to use DR BRONNER'S)
3)tone with ACV 
4) moisturizer with oil
5) for pimples i use tea tree oil, scrub 2-3 per week and do clay masks 2-3 weekly.
In the morning i wash my face only with water or sometimes with hazel, and then moisurizer with SPF.
This routine helped me with my pimples but the bumps are always there, they won't go away!!! I want to try maybe Cosrx BHA power liquid. There's someone who tried it and it help him ? Any other recommendations?! Please help me.

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I wouldn't reccommend removing makeup with oil especially since you already have clogged pores. The oil left on your skin after removing makeup will just clog your pores even more as it can be comedogenic. However, I do know that oil takes makeup off pretty easily so if you really want to stick to using it,  I would reccomend Jojoba oil!
Jojoba oil is the closest type of oil that resembles sebum when you apply it to your skin, it is tricked into thinking sebum has already been produced therefore making it produce less of actual sebum. It therefore helps with oil control meaning your skin is less likely to become clogged.
Tea tree oil is very good for pimples so definitely keep using that, witch hazel is also very good!
Try cutting out the oils in your skin care routine (except tea tree) for about a month and see how it goes..
hope I helped 

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I agree with deathtoallacne.  I tried oil cleansing two months ago for 3 weeks and it was the worst decision I ever made.  I had 3-4 spots before starting and for the first week it was going really well... I was clear and glowing...but then all hell broke loose.  Every single pore on my face had become a closed comedone.  My forehead has had maybe 4 pimples on it in my entire life and was now covered in little skin colored bumps.  I had to stop ocm and now I'm dealing with the after math.  I would say try a BHA instead of mechanical exfoliation.  Sometimes scrubbing can be too aggressive for your skin and do more harm than good.  If you're using a BHA it will sensitize your skin as well so scrubbing may be way too harsh and cause peeling.  Hope that helps.

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Closed Comedones? Bumps all over forehead

Started by RewardCouch , September 9


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RewardCouch    0

Hello all, I've been having trouble with my skin for a while now. Im 13 which, I know, quite young and your skin is going through acne, blackheads ect. However, I have noticed that I have seemingly untreatable bumps on my forehead. They're flesh coloured, and although I dont usually pick at them, I've tried and they're pretty hard to pop unless they're quite big. They've been on my face for around a year now, give or take some time. I've researched and read as much as possible, and tried different methods but nothing seems to work. The closest to the description of them that I found online was "closed comedones". I've tried to use an exfoliating scrub (I've been using the Garnier Skin Active Daily Exfoliating Scrub) for maybe around a week - not a long time at all. Right after I use it as per instructions, my skin looks better but during the day the spots seem to come back. They're scattered all around my forehead, as well as some acne which I can assume is because of my age. I dont have bangs, or much of a fringe at all and I usually avoid touching my forehead. Does anyone have any tips/experiences that could help me? Thanks. 

user282    0

Maybe go to your gp and ask for a topical ointment. If you don’t want to do that you could get a better routine going for example: 
wash face with a gentle cleanser 
then put on a moisturiser 

wash face 
then moisturiser 
and if you can get an ointment from your gp put that on an hour after you put the moisturiser on 

supplements you can take to improve your skin: zinc, probiotics, magnesium, calcium, vitamin b complex 

tip: when your taking off your facial wash don’t use a towel or face cloth as they’re too abrasive and will aggravate your acne and make it worse (learned from experience) just splash water over your face until it’s all off, then gently pat down with a towel to dry 

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I had so many closed comedones on my cheeks it looked even worse when I applied makeup....what finally helped me was I believe the banish kit I just used the roller and the serum and i noticed a slight improvement I also got the pumpkin enyme mask which i think helped as well and I would use the banisher every week and the pumpkin enyzme mask just whenever i felt like it but what I really started noticing improvements when I bought the clean and clear continuous control it has 5 percent benzoyle peroxide its s cleanser n i use it mornin n night followed by alpha essential renewal cream 10 percent glycolic aha let that dry n then 10 percent benzoly peroxide on spots where the closed comedones are....its very strong but my face seemed to handle it well and within 2 weeks all the little bumps are gone n my marks are fading...n i also use cetaphil moisturizer for blemish skin which contains spf after i cleanse in the morning


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Like the previous poster stated I think key ingredients you should look for are benzoyl peroxide,AHA ( like glycolic acid)  and also retinol. The main products you should be using are exfoliators, toner and good oil free moisturizer.   I have been using a similar regime as this blog and it has gotten rid of all my closed comedones on my cheeks! https://myacnejourney362066741.wordpress.com/

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