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My parents won't let me start on Accutane

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Hi, this is my first post and I'm really frustrated. For about four years I've battled with acne. In 2014 my parents let me see a dermatologist, she prescripted me Accutane, which I took for about 5 months and my skin cleared up to perfection, but I stopped taking them because I got depressed and suicidal by them. After I stopped taking them my skin was clear for about a year and a half (I used an acne gel, called Skinoren). After the year and a half, I got very depressed (again) which made me break out a lot. I convinced my parents to see a dermatologist once again, where she this time prescripted me Tetralysal (which also helped my acne clear up, but it didn't fade my scars). I used it for about three months, and then my dermatologist stopped the treatment. For some time my acne chilled down, but it started getting really bad at the beginning of June, and still are right now (the ending of September). I don't know what to do, the only thing that really worked was Accutane, but my parents are convinced that I will get depressed again if I start taking it. I don't think I will get depressed again, because it's been so many years, and my body has evolved a lot since.  But what do you guys think? And how can I convince my parents?22093531_778806062290801_1740215575_n.jpg22091668_778806075624133_1517351198_n.jpg

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Perhaps you should work together with your parents,have supportive mates,see a psychologist,take up something spiritual,something that gives you more faith,stay positive?

i aint a psychologist but having the right things on your mind and staying positive if you did go on accutane?talk with your parents more,be more engaging,doing stuff with them,have a more positive outlook for your up coming future and staying busy in your head with other stuff.

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you acne seems hormonal. Have you  ever tried Spironolactone? its especially helpful for female hormonal acne.
Other then that dietary changes will be very helpful. No sugar, dairy, gluten, processed foods, bad fats. Eating healthy will also help with depression. Taking adaptogenic herbs is the best natural way to treat depression.

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