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Hi guys, 
I’m new here. I’ve had mild-moderate acne since I was 13 years old. I’m wondering if Accutane should be my next step.
Here is my journey from age 13, I’m now 30.
May 2000 – Zineryt
April 2001 – Minocycline
June 2001 – Dalacin T
November 2001 – Tretinoin 0.01%
Feb 2002 – Zineryt
July 2002 – Microgynon (went on the pill for acne) 
March 2004 – Marvelon (swapped pill for acne) also using over the counter Benzoyl Peroxide
May 2004 – Dalacin T
September 2004 – Benzamycin
November 2004 – Dianette (swapped pill for acne – took Dianette for 4 years, 2 months)
November 2004 – Tretinoin 0.25% 
February 2005 – Differin Adapalene 0.1%
June 2005 – Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%
August 2005 – Zineryt
January 2009 – Marvelon (taken off Dianette due to length of time taken)
June 2014 – Zineryt
August 2014 – Erythromycin and Skinoren
December 2014 – Doxycycline (stopped 1 month later as trying for a baby)
February 2015 – Skinoren
I’ve also tried Acnecide 5%, expensive face peels, natural products, tea tree products, Freederm, Clearsil type products and light therapy. 
My skin was fairly settled whilst taking the pill. I came off the pill in April 2014 for numerous reasons and my skin absolutely exploded. It came back worse than ever on my face, back and chest. It took until early 2016 to get it to a state when I could cope with it. I was pregnant throughout most of 2016 and this did wonders for my skin. Fast forward to now, my baby is 1 and my skin isn’t in a great position again. I have lots of whiteheads on my cheeks and chin and loads of small bumps on my forehead. 
I feel like I’ve tried everything and have ALWAYS been against Roaccutane because of the side effects. Until a couple of days ago I felt like acne was just my life, but then I thought why should I put up with this? I’ve never been referred to a Dermatologist but I have a GP appointment on Friday and I’m hoping I can be referred. Under no circumstances do I wish to be put back on the pill to control my skin as I can’t go through what I went through back in 2014 when I came off it – I want something permanent now. 
Has anybody gone through a similar journey and considered Accutane? 
Thanks for reading if you got to the end! Sarah x

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From a male perspective..Zinyert and lymecycline cleared my acne last time and I'm back on the lymecycline antibiotics after breaking out again.

I've heard so much from bad side effects of Accutane.  I would look at it as a last resort.

defo don't want my skin going back to this and will consider other options before looking for Accutane.

good luck!

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