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Never cleared up in 9 years

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Hello everyone, this is my first post.
I am a male. I started to break out when I was 13 but that time its not really bad. When I was 14,I started to break out a lot worse after I used the used shaver and shaved on my jawline and part of my cheek. I know that was my fault and I was so naive that time to know that used shaver shouldnt be used again. I got a heavy breakout on both side of my jawline since then. Then the acne like spread to substantial part of my face, especially on my cheek.

Its getting worse by years as I grew older. The worse breakout happened to me when I finished my school, at 18 years. I never get any treatment as people surround me keep telling me that its will heal by time.

When I was 19, I am about to enroll myself to college and I started to realize the important of good look. I seek for treatment in a clinic and was prescribed with antibiotic treatment pill. I forgot the name of the pill. Its only 10 pills which finish in 5 days (consume 2 times/day). Then,I got two super bad breakout.(I think, its maybe caused by the pills). Its big, with dark colour liquid beneath my skin, 2 spots on my right cheek (I am sorry, I dont know the term, zits, or cyst or anything else). Along with the two spots, I always have a number of spots on other parts of my face which has been there since my school time. Like its never cured.

After that, I discover acne.org and started the regimen as suggested. Its really work to some extend. I cleared up most of the parts on my face. But the acne (a few spots) on my cheek never goes away. Its just like shrink smaller. Then its breakout again at the same spots, then shrink then grow again (on the same spot). Some are healed and left me scars with reddish colour which some are boxcar and hypertrophic.

After 6 month on the regimen, I didnt see anymore improvement. After that, I took it advanced by treating myself with topical tretinoin. I get some improvement and continue with tretinoin up to I finished one tube which took me 6 months. Then, I continued again with BP, like in the regimen. In a period of 1 year and more, I use BP for a period and change to tretinoin for one period. Along this period, there were some few spots which never healed. I got breakout and its shrink for a while and break again on the same spot. Mostly on my cheek. In happened all the time. Like its never healed.

After realize that there was no improvement and seems like its not going to get healed and realized that I am already 22 years old and its already 8 years of living with acne, I took it to next level. I see the skin specialist and was prescribed with isotretinoin. I was under the treatment for 3 months. During the 3 months,I cleared up some parts of my face and also I got bigger breakout and a few spots on my cheek and its was more severe, to the extend that some people think that I am stoned. I faced all the effects of isotretinoin mentally and physically. After 3 months, I can not any more tolerate the effect especially the depressed feeling that I got (not sure whether its from the accutane itself or becauset of the severe acne during the treatment). Plus, it is expensive and I am still a student. So, I stopped Isotretinoin and keep continue with BP regimen plus the topical tretinoin.

Now, I am currently with the 2 topical treatment and still got breakout on the same spot that have been there years ago. Like its never healed. I also got some boxcar and hypertrophic.

I am now 23 years old and have been living with acne and fighting it for almost 10 years. Within this recent 5 years, I have spend quit a lot trying a few products and treatmens but BP and tropical isotretinoin are found to be the best work on me. In this 10 years span of time, I always feel low self esteem, feel like loser all the time, not comfortable with myself and feeling depressed out of acne problem that I have.

I am writing this to hear from others any sharing and comment or suggestions or support will be very appreciated.I will keep finding the right treatment for my acne problem and keep fighting it. 

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Similar to you, I was on Isotretinoin (accutane) when I was 21, I am now 33.

The accutane cleared up my acne completely for about 3-4 years, then it came back again (but not as bad).  I didn't go back on accutane or any medication, but I found some things that helped me quite a bit.  I have SUPER sensitive skin as well and many things cause me to break out...

1.  Shower before bed so the oils from your hair don't get into your face while you are sleeping
2.  Change your pillow case EVERY night.  I will break out if I don't do this.  My wife used to think I was weird for doing this, now she actually does it as well.
3.  Wash your face every morning, when you shower (obviously) and anytime you are going to work out/exercise (wash your face prior to exercising and after)
4.  I NEVER EVER shave with a regular hand held shaver.  I use an electric trimmer (not the one that removes all the hair completely).  I trim my facial hair very low, but never completely shave it.  If I use a regular shaver, I break out.
5.  Find a soap that works well for you.  I use Purpose bar soap, but everyone is different.
6.  I never use lotion to moisturize.  If my face is dry I just use aloe (the same stuff you put on if you get sun burn).  Just regular old aloe from the drug store.
7.  Don't touch your face unless your hands are clean!

I literally stick to this regime every day and I don't break out any more(just the occasional pimple).

Good luck mate!

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Thanks mate, I would want to check my routine after reading this. Really appreciate your sharing. May I know how long you were treated with isotretinoin ?

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I'm pretty sure I was on accutane for 4 months.  Been awhile, but I believe the dosages started off small, then ramped up to heavier dosages.

It definitely worked, but I still need to be super careful with my face or I'll break out.  For the last 6-7 years I have had pretty good skin and I follow my routine to a T every day.  I mean, yea, I still have all my scars cause I had such bad acne before accutane, but overall I'd say I'm pretty happy!

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