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How acne had change my whole personality

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    Acne chnaged my personality and confidence alot:smileys_n_people_15:. I used to be this loud, confident person that would just but people and joke around. Now I am the opposite, I'm the quiet student in my class. That's what everyone thinks unless I've been friends with them before my acne. Right now my acne is really bad. I have lot of red scars, as you can say freshly scars( new scars)
Have I tried to get rid of my acne using products or medicine?
, there's so many things I can use to help stop my acne, but  do they actually help. No they don't, they keep my acne exactly the same. Nobody in my school knows how bad my acne is not even my best friends. They know I have some acne but not as bad as it got this summer. I have all-over my cheeks and forehead, sometimes I get under my chin. Last year I had bad acne but not as bad as now, I had like 4 to 5 pimples on each cheek. Not that bad compared to now. I mean it's horrible, if you would see me, you'd probably puke. What do I do now? I see to wear makeup, such as foundation last year and it made my skin look good and smooth. I got no pimples until June of this year (2017) I tried to stop it by buying something from the pharmacy such as Clearsil, or Neutragena Oilfree acne wash. But nope I got a lot of white heads and still wore makeup. Then, I switched to Oilfree makeup, I mean oil free foundation and it just dried up and I still got whiteheads. I then got proactive because last year, it's what cleared my skin. But it did nothing at all. I decided that the whole summer I won't wear makeup, go out in the sun because it causes whiteheads for me. I drank alot if water , no chocolate, no oily foods. Such as a fast food restaurant like taco Bell. Man I wish I could eat tacos right now. Now it's September 4, tommorow I have school and I can't wear makeup but I look so uglyyyyyyy.

 My face is so red. People will make fun of me. What will I do?? Cry like a baby. Never be able to look someone else, without them looking at my skin. I have so many scars, I feel depressed like I have no reason to  be alive. My family isn't really that supportive either they call me Pimpleface, Crusty face, ugly. Even my stepmother called me Pimpleface but then she said she didn't. Her and her stepdaughter say alot of stuff behind my backs and my dad just says to ignore them. Instead of talking to my stepmom. I wish I was with my mother because she's a lovable person, she loves me no matter what. In her own words " you are my child, no matter if you had a disease, were born with a leg, whatever, I would love you anyway! I love my mom❤

I don't know what else to say but I might kill myself because I care so much about what people think. I don't want to but that's how my mind works. Even if I try to convince myself that i am beautiful I can't be happy. Never will be! :(

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Hi my name is albert and i know what your going through i myswlf went through something similar growing up as a teen. Im now 24 years old and still have my acne scars but no active acne. All i can tell you is to not harm yourself, adolescence is an extremely difficult time for many of us.... i want to give it to you straight ok as a realist. People WILL judge you and that isn't ever going to stop. To this day people still talk shit about me, but what's the difference? I'm beginning to learn how not to care, granted it's taken years but that really is all you can do.
 What other choice is there really, live your entire life in fear of others? Because unless your able to get rid of your acne and its traces, people will always point out your flaws. Life is about YOU and only you. In the end its you who has to learn to adapt to this situation, just know your not the only person who has. Sadly, modern medicine has yet to find a definitive cure for acne and the scars it produces. From what I've read over the years your best bet is Accutane or lazer treatment. Each with its own hosts of side effects and risks. Stay strong, school won't last forever once your in the adult world yes people will still judge but at that point your realize that people just simply never shut the fuck up and caring about them is beyond pointless/waste of time. Good luck and thanks for sharing your story.

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I feel so sad to hear your story. I really wish you had a supportive family... I know it hurts especially if your family doesn't understand you. I don't have a supportive family either. My mom has always blamed me for having acne. My mom has never had any skin problems and she can get away with showering like only once a week because she has dry skin. But I have extremely oily skin, always have since puberty, and consistent acne/blackheads/whiteheads/inflammations because of it. My mom has probably said and done more hurtful things than anyone else in my life. Growing up, she always said it's my fault I have acne... She would always say things like "If you cleansed your face more and better you wouldn't have acne" "You have acne because you eat so much junk food you should control yourself" "You should lose weight so you won't get acne" "Why is your skin so oily" the list goes on... And I was just an average kid -- yes, I did eat junk food every now and then but never excessively and none of my dermatologists ever told me my acne was caused from my diet (although they didn't know how to cure me either and just said it's genetics after failing to treat for my oily skin condition). And I've never been overweight either. When I cried from stress my mom would say things like "You look more ugly when you cry". My mom was essentially bullying me with all her insensitive comments without even realizing it herself. And it was in my late 20s, after living away from my parents for many years that I finally fully grasped what my mom has done to me at the emotional level.... So yes, I'm really sorry you have some insensitive people in your life. :(  I really hope you stay strong.... I know it's really hard but the harsh truth is that the person who can help you is no one else but you.... You should stay hopeful no matter what because life is unfair and that's a fact of life (I know it's much easier to said than done). 

Over the years I tried many things for my skin and have had success to varying levels. One of the most effect acne treatment for me has been birth control pills (although it didn't stop my skin from producing oil).  I'm assuming you are a girl so if you haven't or are already, and if your body can tolerate, I encourage you to try birth control pills. It definitely improves hormonal acne for females, and your face should be clear within a few weeks of starting it. The downside is it's not a permanent solution by any means and it may have its own side effects. I took Yasmin for about a year and stopped after that because I kept seeing horror stories of yasmin causing deadly blood clots. After that my acne slowly returned but never to the crazy full on acne I had prior to birth control pills. (I recently had a cystic acne breakout on my chin so I'm here on this site again but I learned it was caused by my omega 3 pills which I seem to react badly).

If birth control pills are not easy to get because of doctor's visits, etc. I encourage you to take Vitamin D3 pills (dry pill form works best for me). It's cheap, readily available, and overall good for your health (with little to no side effects -- I myself haven't experienced any side effects) and it definitely evens out your skin tone. I've been taking it for the past 90 days (I keep a day counter app on my phone to keep count) and it made my skin much less red. I actually used to have red scalp too (it was probably a form of dermatitis) but since taking Vitamin D3 my scalp's healed and is no long red...

Pandaaresad, please stay strong!!!!!!!!  Your skin will get better, even though it may take some trial and error. 

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