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Hi guys. (Horrific pictures ahead!!!)

About a few months back my cheeks started to have these tiny bumps which I initially thought they were acne so I kept putting acne cream on them but to no avail. They don't come to a head no matter what and they are very visible under sunlight. After a month of having them, I went for a basic facial treatment and I was told that they were whiteheads, either from new cosmetic or skincare products allergy or the results of not cleansing my face properly. The beautician then helped me to extract them out and the aftermath of the extractions were horrific. My cheeks were filled with red spots and i was told that there were still a lot of gunk underneath my skin but there was nothing she could do since they have yet to surface.  The next day after my facial, my face was significantly better and the red spots slowly became a darker shade of my skin (brownish-red?). I didn't think much about it because I had squeezed pimples before and they usually don't leave a scar on my face (it fades out as time passes). But it has been about 2 months now and they are still there? My cheeks and lower jaw also start to have tiny bumps that were a lot tiny than before and my cheeks are more prone to blind pimples now. 

Any suggestions or similar cases that have occurred to you guys too? I am so devastated with my skin condition right now. I used to only break out on my chin area due to hormonal imbalance but my cheeks is going from bad to worse. I am going back for a facial to extract out the existing ones first and see how it goes. I'm also considering to see a dermatologist?

HELP :( 



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Hi!!! I totally understand! I used to get 2-hour extraction facials and they always left me with red marks afterwards. Especially my forehead, where I usually get absolutely nothing! I kept telling myself it would get better and it was only temporary, and, luckily, that was the case.  
If you're looking to get rid of the red marks- 
oatmeal face masks for post-extraction work really well. You can look up recipes online. 
products for hyperpigmentation- 
Kuumba made scar care & repair works wonders! I've been using it for about 9 months. 
Aveeno Positively Radiant daily moisturizer is amazingggg. It's considerably evened out my skin tone for the week that I've been using it. 

About before this year April, my skin was horrific. I had about 30 cysts all over my cheeks, extreme hyperpigmentation, and also small pustules all around my chin. My acne has changed since then, its super small ones now and I'm happy to say I'm on my way to clear skin. 
I used proactiv for a while but I didn't see much difference. I was prescribed Epiduo by my dermatologist a week ago and the results are incredible. 
You should go to a dermatologist if you'd want a topical such as Epiduo to take care of active acne. Another lifesaving product I used while I was on Proactiv- 
Nixoderm. You can order it on Amazon. Fades hyperpigmentation, slaughters cysts, pimples, blackhead/whiteheads. It does dry your skin out considerably and burns when applying, but it works wonders. I wish you all the best, I 100% understand. Good luck. 

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