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I've noticed that whenever I get acne on my cheek area it leaves a red mark that lasts forever, I also noticed that the scars look milder when I first wake up which leaves me confused. My mom told me not to pick at my scars or they'll become permanent but I haven't noticed any improvement whatsoever. 

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Unfortunately your mom is correct.  I always feel tempted to pick at it but being honest leave the marks and scabs alone, picking at scabs make the mark much worse so you're going to have to wait it out even longer than you want to.  The marks take forever to fade away, from experience and what I've been researching.  I've looked everywhere for a remedy but there really isn't a easy way out of it, some people get laser which can help speed up the process but it's slightly costy.  If you're looking for something natural to aid in the process try using rosehip oil, it works for me but I'm not sure about you.  I have moderate acne with combination skin that gets dry in some parts and extremely oily in others.  Using rosehip oil wasn't a noticeable change for me but after 2 weeks I can see my lighter marks starting to disappear, not completely obviously but slightly so it does help speed up the process.  For now there's really not much to do but wait it out which is stressful but it'll be worth your time after the wait I swear by it.

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