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I don't have severe acne but I am severely affected by what I do have. Bumps and redness between my eyebrows, about 5 visible pimple dark marks on my left cheek and a couple active bumps on my chin. Doesn't sound like much but believe me I'd rather stay at home then go out with my face like this.
Will putting Vicks on the affected areas help?
I've had average skin with the occasional or 2 pimples my whole life, up till I was 18. It changed this year though (I'm 19), pimples I had left scars and the scars took longer than usual to fade and new pimples form faster than before. I used to have clear skin on my forehead but now there's this area of redness and marks between my eyebrows and it is unsightly. Any advice?? 

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I can't advise using Vicks... it will clog your pores and menthol is irritating and can make matters worse.

Use an acne cleanser either BP or salicylic acid based, follow with an acne toner (glycolic, salicylic acid, tea tree oil etc) and then use benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel.

Acne is acne no matter where it is, so if you use proper treatment regimen and keep your skin clean you should be able to clear it up. Nothing beats the well known tested and true acne treatments.

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