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Hello everyone! I'm new to this website and DESPERATELY need advice. i wasn't sure what category to put this in but anyway...(so sorry this is gross) IMG_1086.JPGi have been struggling with acne for years and it's conpletely beaten me down, its exauhsting and makes me miserable. i've managed to get a pretty good grip on it, i recently discovered i have foliculitis on my forhead and am treating it but my left cheeck (in particular) is so bad. no matter what i do (wash regularly, healthy diet, etc.) it stays weirdly spotted and just ODD, uncomfortable and gross. i don't want medicine tips, just advice. Is this acne? Is it another skin condition? Is it a BUNCH of skin conditions (which ones?) ANY advice GREATLY appreciated, thankyou! 

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Foliculitis is an infection of the hair folicle which is pretty similar to acne so you could technically call acne a type of foliculitis.

I guess it is considered acne when the pores get clogged and is classically associated to the p. acnes bacteria(whoch is normally found on skin but causes inflammation when the pore gets clogged), while foliculitis is an infection with another pathogen not commonly found on skin which causes inflammation regardless of the pore being clogged or not.

So I agree with Juwalker it looks like acne because there are clogged pores by blackheads visible in the picture.

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Yah that's acne and maybe a bit of rosacea. You say you don't want medicine tips but then any advice is appreciated. Do you use any sort of treatment on this currently? If you don't, you should start and you will see dramatic changes in about a month or 2. Using an acne cleanser, toner and benzoyl peroxide treatment gel.

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