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Accutane Hair Loss and Natural Healing

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I'm new to writing on this forum. I am a Mom. I swore to myself if anything helped my twenty year old's hair loss following Accutane,  I would come on and tell others who are suffering. This is our story and it may not work for everyone, we are all different, but I felt the need to share it.

My son has always had a beautiful, full head of hair. No history of balding in our family. He was experiencing extensive hair loss, that began two months following a six month course of Accutane. It showed no signs of stopping. All the other possible reasons for this had been looked at, tests had been done, etc. To say he was distraught would be an understatement. He started 5% minoxidil liquid and I took him to a homeopathic doctor, (who had her PhD). She started him on a regimen of supplements to counteract the damage from Accutane AND all the antibiotics that had been tried and failed leading up to Accutane. Homeopathic medicine is very personalized, and each person needs individualized advice from a qualified professional.  Within five weeks, his front hairline hairs began to grow in (normal color and density) and the bald patch (YES, BALD at 20!) on the top of his head grew in. It disappeared, I could not see it. His hair had been thinning all around his head (I could see his scalp) and now it is getting noticeably thicker everywhere. I feel this occurred far too early for the minoxidil to have caused it, but I do feel the minoxidil may have helped "wake up" the follicles and shed old hairs. The shedding phase was traumatic, by the way, and also TOTALLY worth it for him. This homeopathic treatment has not been inexpensive, but I want to help him try to regain what he should not have lost just trying to clear his skin. I am happy for him. I wish you the very best. Don't give up! 

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