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Hey I just signed up for this site and am hoping to get some advice on what to do to help eliminate or atleast greatly improve my adult acne.. I am 27 years old and have been dealing with moderate acne since I was 12. My mothers side of the family all have less than perfect skin, so I know its in my genes. My acne was never too bad until about 3 years ago.. I have tried everything from Benzol peroxide, topical treatments like retin-A , doxycycline, and a couple of other prescription medications... I did see some progress after using Retin-A and doxycycline but the purge stage was absolutely horrible and I really don't want to have to go threw that again.. Problem with retin-A and prescriptions was that my skin would clear up a fair amount and then once I stopped- my acne came back way worst then what dragged me into the dermatologist to begin with.. So I did some research and decided to take a more organic approach. the past 2 months I have been taking some vitamins which seem to be helping. vitamin A, Zinc, fish oil, probiotic, been drinking plenty of water. cut out sugary drinks, soda, peanut butter, do my best to stay away from dairy.. also stopped using so many products and dumbed it down to just cleansing with a Dove beauty bar and a little bit of BP once a week.. Also started toning with apple cider vinegar 2-3 times a day.. I have seen great improvement since starting this regimen, but im sure many of you know how aggravating it is when your skin starts to clear up and then BAM you break out again out of nowhere.. Im SOOO sick of having acne and it seems like nothing I do is working..it will get better and then come back... I steamed my face with boiling wate and a splash of apple cider vinegar last week and since then my skin has been acting up a little bit. is it normal to break out after steaming? any advice would be greatly appreciated

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First, very good approach with your diet changes and the supplements you mentioned. Fish oil may worsen acne for some people so be attentive to that. Also try not to eat foods that have B12 and B6 added. Most importantly don't stop what you are doing as it takes time for our bodies to settle down from the inflammation.

You say retin-A helped you but you don't want to go through the "purge" again, if by purge you mean the acne worsened, that may not happen again. In my case only the first time I used it I went through a worsening period afterwards for the rest of my life I can use it whenever and it is always helpful even after a year or so of not using it. Make sure thr dove bar is not comedogenic, since many moisturizing bars block pores. 

Sweating and letting the sweat sit on your face is associated with worse acne but steaming should not worsen acne if you clean your face afterwards. 

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Different approaches for each one of us. What works for other people might not work for you. If you see something that helps your skin improve, then stick with it as your skin might be responding well to that treatment. I believe that it does take some time before  you really see significant results.

As for me and if you want something natural or organic, you can try the pumpkin masque, charcoal masque and vitamin c elixir from Banish. This is what I am currently using and so far has worked wonders for me. You can try them if it suits you, if not, you can return it to them so there's nothing to lose. :) 

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Hey, just saw this...

please see my response to perfectslythern here in the adult forum.

It explains why, imo, acne happens and how to treat it.

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