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Hello everyone,
I am a 15 year old girl and I have been feeling really upset about my acne scars all over my face.  I've been crying in my room and whenever i pass by a mirror in my house, I immediately break down crying and feel hopeless. I don't feel like going to hang out with my friends or even go outside and all i want to do is stay in my room forever.
On a good note, my acne is almost clearing up, I've been on Doxycycline and using retin-a for around 2 months and I believe it has definitely helped my acne go away. Although it is difficult to get rid of small pimples on my forehead... Once in a while I will get a pimple on my cheeks or chin but I can manage. The problem is that my face is covered in brown spots and scars from the acne and I don't know what to do because it is not fading or going away.  I tried using ambi fade cream for oily skin and it irritated my face and left it extremely red and it felt burned. I made it worse and now I'm scared to try anything else. I'm afriad that my acne marks won't ever go away and I will never be able to have clear skin again. please help!

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The absolute best thing to fade post-acne marks is time, and Retin-A will speed up the process too. In fact, Retin-A is often recommended to help fade marks and even helps improve small indented scars. You just need to be patient. Some marks may take several months to fade, but they should all clear without a problem. Also, make sure you're wearing an spf if you're outside in the sun. The sun can cause marks to darken and last longer. I know it's hard not to worry about it, but try and stay positive!
Retin-A can sometimes make the skin a bit sensitive which is possibly why the ambi fade cream irritated your face.

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