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I'm at a cross road with my Skincare. Need advice.

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So I'm at a cross road with my skincare. Currently I have mild acne that fluctuates during the month because of hormones; sometimes I will be clear, and other weeks I'll break out. Currently for skincare I use Grandpa's Soap Co Sulfur acne soap to wash in the evening with my Clarisonic, and apply a moisturizer. For a mask I will apply epsom salt to my skin to sit for 30 minutes about once a week. In the mornings I use a plain daily cleanser by salma hayek or ponds cold cream depending on what I think my skin needs. I still have mild hormonal acne, and so I have two different topicals to try.

I am thinking of either Effacer Duo benzoyl peroxide OR Differin. With both of these topical I would use just my plain daily cleanser by salma hayek and my moisturizer. No more sulfur soap. Does anyone have opinions on which of these is better? What should I use?

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Hey, I am so sorry to hear about your acne. Please go to a dermatologist for a proper checkup of your acne. Take care of yourself, drink a lot of water, do work out, dont eat oily food, use clean towels and change your pillow covers once or twice a week.There's so much bacteria on them you really should to prevent new acne. So I tried these disposable pillows covers from this website kovrdpillowslips.com These ones are actually disposable so super easy! They also have product in them that improves the condition of your skin whilst you sleep. So along with medication proper care is also important. Take care.

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Hello! :)

Personally, differin was really drying and irritating to my skin. I'd avoid using foaming soaps too that might cause your skin to feel dry underneath and tight. And if you have acne prone skin (which is basically sensitive skin also), I would advise against using those Clarisonic brushes because they're really abrasive. 

I prefer exfoliating chemically instead of physically. So using mild AHA toners/ exfoliators should help. 
A good vitamin C serum could help with inflammation and preventing breakouts from forming.

I love Korean beauty because their products really deliver nutrients to your skin and are gentle enough for sensitive skin. Here's some products that might help: honeyandginseng.com/korean-skincare-routine-acne-prone-skin

Also be sure to drink alot fo water to hydrate your skin, and exercise to sweat out toxins. :)

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