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Tell me what to do, PLEASE.

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I feel like my head is going to explode from frustration. I don't have any idea whatsoever of what I can do about my scarring. Every treatment recommended to me by an "expert" is derided by another one. Just give me real answers - I'm not aiming for baby-smooth skin, I just want things BETTER.

I don't know much about the science of scar treatments (I can't identify what kind of scars I have, even), but live in a world where people like Michael Jackson exist. That is not a world in which there is nothing I can do.


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Hi there, I see some hyperpigmentation either PIE from post acne wounds or pih from pigmentation. There is more in the faq I made how to treat this. Laser is the best bet for this vbeam or excel v, for your pitting I would do subcision (the marks by the ear - by a doctor) and I would do tca cross for your icepicks, you could also microneedle / dermastamp. A tca acid peel to the cheek areas would help as well to smooth out some of the texture (it will take a few). Michael Jackson used hydroqinone which is skin bleach and good for hyperpigmentation. 
I have made this basic guideline for the common questions we have here. I get overwhelmed with questions. I have put countless hours in the Scar FAQ answering most of your questions, read more there, if it's not covered in my FAQ you can PM me for clarification. I have personally done all of these treatments I recommend.

* Icepicks = Get TCA Cross Done (yourself, instructions in the faq, med spa, derm, or aestititican).

* Boxcars - Surface Skin texture issues, large skin covered in scars (TCA spot peels on scarred areas and / or tca cross as well if they are tiny scars
(border of scar close together), microneedle with 1.5mm or above, many of us use a dermal stamp machine like the derminator or you can get a manual one on Amazon. Subcision if there are areas that can be brought to the surface (not to shallow - no filler used, suction if you wish).

* Rolling Scars - depressions / pits (Subcision with Nokor needle, Filler used when the swelling goes down Volbella, Beletero, or Restylane, for major (large areas of) fat loss scultra throughout the cheeks, with filler on top). TCA spot peels for the skin surface texture issues. Microneedling to stimulate collagen 1.5mm or above many of us use a dermal stamp machine like the derminator or you can get a manual one on Amazon.

* Large Areas of Fat Loss - See Rolling Scars above ^ (Sculptra / Subcision).

* Steriod / Cortisone Shot (Dent). Filler and Nokor Subcision.

* Average Treatment Plan - TCA Cross (Icepics) / spot peel (textural or surface scar issues), next month microneedle, repeat monthly treatments you alternate, ...peels have down time, do them as many times as you have time in a year, Many find tertinorin / retin a / isotrex / retinoid helpful from Ebay/Amazon/Pharmacy/Paula's Choice (This is used at night when your not healing from microneedling or peels).Subcision is also great for depressed spots.  

* Hyperpigmentation (red / brown marks or pigment color) is not a scar it's a wound from acne, energy, chemical treatments, and the sun, they are PIE or PIH, for complete list of lots of treatments see the FAQ>Skin Section >PIE/PIH 

* Darker skin types / ethnic skin can hyper pigment from procedures. Please use Vitamin C serum and Hydroquinone aka skin bleach 2 weeks before and again use after you healed from your procedure (when your healed) to avoid pigment issues. Hydrocortisone (mixed with moisturizer) is another option can be used for a 2 week period before thinning the skin. 

* What to use with microneedle, HA Serum (before and after), Hrs later Vitamin C serum, growth factors / stem cell cerums / actives.

* Where to get peels, cross, microneedle, etc... done if you don't want to do them yourself: Derm, Med Spa, Aestitician, Full list of Dr.s we recommend in the FAQ.

* Product or General Skin Issue - Post for FREE on http://Realself.com , ask the doctors (99% of doctors will suggest laser, this should be your last option after you tried everything else, for many it either does nothing or makes them loose fat, $$$$, and has side effects) / search for treatments and https://www.reddit.com/r/SkincareAddiction/ (they are experts in skincare and products, tons of great info about products, topicals, even natural alternatives, peels, masks, creams, washes, treatments,  etc).

* Scars are never 1 procedure and done, for most it's a 2 year (plus) process of healing, and doing treatments. Makeup / Concealer (dermablend - any Dept store) can be put over the red marks. It's progressive. Do not expect perfect skin or you will be let down, the point is improving and seeing how you heal, it's a slow process.

* Many scar suffers are depressed and have low self esteem: please see a therapist, it's a hard journey to go through by yourself, in the USA we have a smart phone app called talkspace.

* How do I find out all the information about these procedures (Subcision, Microneedling, Acid Peels/TCA Cross, Filler, etc...): Goto my below signature and click faq or the top of the acne scar sub has the faq (1st post).
* Where is the FAQ - See Above ^

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  My skin is deeply effected by acne for last 3 years which resulted in deep scars & black spots, but dermalmd's scar serum brought back my charm. I can see noticeable changes on my scars with in 1 week. It's like magic for treating scars and other marks... Worthy product

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