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Scar Turning Different Color

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Hi guys,

So a little over a month ago, I had either a pustule or cyst on my cheek, that I did squeeze once, because it kept getting worse and worse. I'm pretty sure it scarred, as I've had a raised mark there ever since the blemish healed. There is a picture attached below. The other day the scar randomly turned dark purple, and sometimes it itches, or hurts if I run my finger over it. What type of scar is this, and is this typical of acne scars? I do want to get it treated eventually. 



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It could be infected, itching, is not good. See a dermatologist please. you can try some triple antibiotic cream on it (from the first aid section). The natural equivalent is honey and aloe vera. Silver ( as in the metal ) first aid cream is also good. I would use salt and some diluted water or diluted white vinegar (water) to clean it every day too to avoid infection, just pat, it, don't rub then reapply cream. Cuts take a long time to heal, or wounds aka pie, you can checkout the faq top of the sub under skin > pie. If your concerned about the color get some dermablend or tinted sunscreen form the store. 

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I do have some neosporin I can put on it. Does it look infected? I'm not sure if it actually itches, maybe it's just the benzoyl peroxide 2.5% I'm using currently to treat my acne. I can't get to a dermatologist for probably another month, how bad does it look?

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