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Back and Chest severe acne help.

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I've been dealing with this s*** for over 4 years now and I said to myself that this will be the last summer I'll lose. I have severe acne from upper back to shoulders and chest.

It drives me crazy and hope you can understand. I also had severe acne on my face but I've been using a glycolic acid cream everyday for the past 5 months and it worked great for my face, mostly done, only a few red marks left and after i'll take care of the deeper scars.

On my body I started only 2 months ago to apply glycolic acid. It worked alright but it's not even close to be good, I still get cysts and breakouts.

For my diet, i started 1 month ago to cut almost everthing, dairy food, no meat only salmon, gluten free, sugar cut to 0 only fruit intake, drinking plenty of water and taking 1 cold shower everyday because i'm pretty active and it's hot outside.

Anything you think I should do? It literally making me go mad. Summer it's coming and there is no way I can take my shirt of, on of the reasons would be that my skin is really sensitive because of the glycolic acid, and my skin it's looking awful, everytime I look into the mirror I feel like there is no point of still going...

Please don't suggest me accutane since I cleared up my face I don't want to go trough all that again. Anything else it's much apreciate and sorry if all this is a little to agressive...

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