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My questions to those who are finally " cured" from the acne now,  or feel better and have it under control. If you could send  a message to yourself back then when you were suffering from acne and feeling very horrible, what would it be? Please share.

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Don’t take advice from anyone unless you’ve asked for it. You will have uncontrollable acne for the next ten years so try not to put your life on hold. Exercise will make your acne worse, but its not worth getting unfit just to look slightly better. Diet won’t make a difference to your acne, so don’t bother trying to cut out dairy/ sugar/ gluten, although you should watch what you eat as you put on weight pretty easily and the older you get the less easy it is to lose it. Over the counter treatments won’t work so save your money and go see a dermatologist. Get a girlfriend even though you don't really want one, as its good practice for when you do. Try to improve your social skills by getting a weekend job or joining a club (don’t get a paper round, because waking up at 5am isn’t really character building, people just say it is to make themselves feel better). Its not all in your head, even though a lot of people will tell you that it is, but just because you hate yourself it doesn’t mean that everyone else will. People don’t really understand what they are saying, they’re just repeating phrases that they’ve heard before because their ego won’t allow them to admit they have nothing useful to say. Don’t admit your feelings to anyone else, unless you trust them 100%, because they will use your weakness against you when it suits them. Don’t talk to your parents about it because they'll just make you feel worse. 

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Mine would be:
Spend less time trying to care what others think of you or your face. Focus on now and work it.  Go to see the dermatologist as soon as possible!

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