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Until recently, I only suffered from occasional acne (though I do have pretty consistent eczema and probably got a serious cyst once a month). Each time I got a cyst it left behind hyperpigmentation (especially the ones I picked at...I have dermatillomania), and it was making me insecure. My grandmother told me to treat them with Vitamin E oil, which made me break out REALLY badly. I tried to ignore it (most of it was almost like eczema...tons of tiny little colorless bumps) but they felt so weird and I ended up scratching them, which made them scab over and scar/dark spots. I have tons of hyperpigmentation (dark spots) now in small/large areas all over my face. I have tried treating them with honey for the past month, and while it works to some extent tends to move slowly. Lemon made my skin very angry. I'm not sure what to do and I'm getting made fun of. Any advice to get rid of it? 
NOTE: I don't have a lot of money. I know that there are lots of products to lighten these scars in places like Sephora, but I could probably only afford a drugstore brand or a natural treatment like honey. Thanks so much! 

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God, if this isn't like looking back at the past. First of all - none of the home remedies work. None of them. They only destroy your skin. I know, because i've tried them all. If you're not willing to pay for treatment then go see a derm. I don't know if you have to pay for the stuff they prescribe you, i just know that here in sweden all that stuff is free until the age of 18. And also, don't try a hundred different products. 

I've recently started washing my face at night only and then applying a treatment i got from my derm. I realized that all that excessive washing and different skin products was the core of my acne. Lol. Might not be the same for you, but I urge you not to try a bunch of different products.. Just get yourself a cleanser, a treatment with benzyol peroxide and a moisturizer. Check the ingredients with cosdna.com to see if they cause acne. And then go see a derm about the hyperpigmentation. 

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Take inside vitamin E oil and flaxseed oil 
it might help you with eczema a lot!
also I read oolong tea is great if you have eczema(every Asian store carries)
apply for 10-15 daily on face, fresh fruit tomatoes, strawberry, apples( they bleach gently and improve skin tone)
also nonfat buttermilk is great for scars apply on face every 2 days

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