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I've been dealing with slight acne marks for about a year. Some marks haven't gone away after 6 months. How can I help heal/get read of these marks.

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10% glycolic acid lotion or cream works best for me. i use a brand called neostrata which is in with the higher end products at bigger drugstores but there are many. acne.org makes one too. it speeds up skin cell turnover a LOT and also helps keep pores clear.

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Hi. I am a 20 year old girl and have been dealing with acne problems since i was 12 but now i can handle my skin pretty well as compared to before. Earlier I didn't know what products to use and what to eat to make my skin look better. I have super oily skin which looks great if it doesn't any acne or marks. But causes a hell lot of problem when my face isn't clean. So my face routine includes 1) ponds pure white anti pollution + purity face wash 2) neutrogena oil free acne wash 3) supatret c ointment 4) seven seas cod liver oil 4) derma clay charcoal face pack. 

pond's this facewash contains charcoal which effectively removes dirt, oil and pollution and leaves skin fresh and helped me in controlling my acne to some extent. 
neutrogena face wash was effective in preventing any more pimples and remove blackheads and dead skin. (most of my acne was caused due to black heads that later converted into large pimples. It reduced my pore size and left the skin all shining and oil free.
supatret c ointment was prescribed by my dermatolgist for my bacne and it worked pretty well so I one gave it a try to my face and now it's my favourite ointment. It really helps in pimples, red marks as well as scars (the deep ones but not very deep) . When a pimple erupts, just try to find out the pore of the pimple in light and put a very small amount of this ointment on that pore overnight. Don't put it excessively over and around the pimple as it causes a slight peeling of the skin which may worsen the acne. The next morning when i applied this ointment, my acne were reduced in size as well as in redness and headless acne grew a white head and started to shrink and get dried up. On the other hand, I applied the same ointment in the form of a thin layer over my scars and red marks and it is the only thing that helped in fading them just in 2 weeks!! 2 weeks earlier i had pretty bad skin due to marks and all but now i have very few of them left. Just apply this ointment 2 times a day in both the cases. Over application may burn the skin(yes i have been there :( ). It is the only product that helped my scars to fade away (I have light scars, not very deep).
seven seas oil was the product that I am most thankful for. It stopped my hormonal acne that used to errupt a week prior to my date. Literally they stopped the day I started taking 2 capsules a day and it improved the texture of my skin to a great extent. When oil comes on my face it now makes my skin glow (earlier the oil made my skin look dull and darkened). Also, I apply the oil on my face by puncturing the capsule with the help of a safety pin. It helped a LOT LOT LOT LOT and LOT in my acne marks (not deep scars). From the first use it lightened my acne marks. It is the only product that prevents or stops my cystic acne. It is highly recommended.
The charcoal pack is effective in removing oil n pollution and reduced the pore size and removes black heads too.

1) I wash my face with ponds face wash as i bath.
2) After returning home from college, I wash my face with ponds to remove the oil and pollution and then with neutrogena to remove the blackheads and dead skin formed.
3) I apply derma clay face pack to close the opened pores due to oil and heat.
4) I apply supatret c as mentioned above.
5) At 8 pm, i wash my face with ponds face wash.
6) I eat 2 capsules as well as apply 1 capsule and massage all my face with cod liver oil and leave it for 30 mins.
7) Wash my face with a non-drying face wash (like neem face wash etc.) to remove the greasy oil. Now my sking looks hydrated , shiny and fresh.
8) I wash my face wih neutrogena face wash at 11 pm.
9) I apply supatret c as mentioned just after washing my face and then go to sleep.
 Hope this helps :)

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