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Hi.  I shouldn't be the one asking this since I am a medical student. But well, let's say I never caredmuch about dermatology. At first I thought I am still
"fine" cuz they are mainly PIH/PIE scars, which are easy to treat. But then I tried make-up, and realized it's much worse. I am well aware of those ice pick scars in the lateral temporal region, luckily it's only a small surface (and despite being untreatable by lasers, they can still be conceived via temporal means, right?)
but my cheeks? Damn, I fucked up. I will go to dermatologist soon but I need to earn some money first and it's not that easy to work while studying for exams. Damn, I wish I had lower standards and wasn't only into perfect boys, cuz other than that I am quite succesful in life.

PS: The redness on lower part of right cheek is capillary malformation, easy to treat.





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Haha going to med school doesn't mean you know anything about scars or dermatology. Most dermatologists are not even into aesthetics and instead do moles, cancers, and bumps (aesthetics is a specialization of a specialization). PIE / PIH is not a "scar" it is a wound that is healing (a very slow healing wound). Some people have it for 8 month to 2 years of healing. To speed it up their is a laser called vbeam or quadrostar pro for pigmentary issues, this works the best. Besides that there is IPL, Retin A, hydroquinone aka skin bleaching cream, vitamin c serum, etc...  Ice picks are treated with TCA Cross. I would do tca peels as well at your med spa, Dr's office, or esticitian. 

For more info checkout my below link in my signature, goto skin: and PIE / PIH sections, also tca acid peels

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