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how do u guys stop obsessing over your acne and letting it rule your life? It seams to be all I think about...i just want to forget. How do i stop it getting me so down. ? Love to all suffering:symbols_v1_10:
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You shouldnt forget,thsts the point,when you do you wont be getting rid of it,it will be left to ravage your face and body then when you give it the attention it should have its done its thing and disfigured you.

acne exists for a reason,your body is undergoing changes and if cant get rid of it for good then manage it.

if you can change diet,use creams but dont be obsessive with creams,one day you will have to go commando without it.

so change lifestyle,diet and get a good regime that manages it,that fixs your face or gets rid of it for good.

i love looking in the mirror now as i am actively fighting it and repairing the damage and scars it leaves.so i am constantly looking at my face and concious at same time.i can see my face is improving and it makes me smile inside as i see what a good looking guy i am and getting better.

thinking about it makes me make descisiobs when i go shopping,i know i have to buy veggies,brown bread and stay away from other foods that make me breakout and buy moisturiser.

dont ever forget your skin,you in a battle that can be easy to keep on top of.

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I know your anxiety and pain. I have felt so much stress from acne and acne scars. How are you treating it? What are your plans on treatment? Do you have scars yet?

I recommend not judging yourself so harshly because it is beyond your control at this moment in time. Have mercy on yourself because it is a skin disease that you obviously didnt mean to develop. Learn about treatment from this website and go easy on yourself mentally.

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