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Need some hope i guess...

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So next month i will doing subcision with fillers. My scars are tethered and obviously want them untetethered :)

 My plan is while i have the filler, i will use my derminator and do some peels. When the filler is gone, i hope my scars are still not tethered so i can continue with those 2 things to produce some success. 

BUT the thing is, i have boxcars. And i've read loads of posts here on this board that subcision doesn't work great on boxcars (i have not narrow scars, but very wide). Since they are tethered i guess i need subcision to go any further with treatments right? 

I don't really know what to do right now... Some hope is appreciated :) 

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@Noa27 This is the right direction :animals_n_nature_76:, remember scars are never one and done. When I say that I mean you may need to upkeep with filler. It will take a few Nokor subcision. But it's the right direction. Then of course you have your derminator and tca peels. Your only other "alternative" down the line is use energy devices like the Infini RF on those areas. TCA acid and Microneedle should give you similar results (ot quite not as strong as Infini). 

Boxcars are hard because of surface texture that must be fixed (this is why we TCA peel). Also its close to te surface, so not as much filler can be used. You will get progressive improvement, do not expect glass smooth skin. 

Happy Easter. 
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Thanks BA :)

Do you mean by upkeep with filler, you have to do it till you die? 

Energy devices are a no go for me, i will never do that. 

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@Noa27 For some people yes, they have to upkeep filler, for others after a time or two they are good. We all age, until we die, and so this creates sagging, and other issues. Hell we get haircuts often, dye our hair, massages, botox, etc... but we cannot upkeep filler. Look at Hollywood, they are getting plastic surgery even with perfect genes and wearing heavy makeup, if someone perfect has to do up keep, yo use my point. There is a time when good enough is achieved. 
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