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Hi @Eveeeeee as we spoke before. In my FAQ below (my signature) is a list of doctors we have (bottom of FAQ). There is a female member who also had subcision but I think she is far from you. No one does "suction" per say, that is up to you to do at home. They just do the subcision. The filler is something you  can ask for or not. Davin will do subcision, Dr. Adrian Lim does it in Sydney, Not Sure if Dr. Naomi does it as she specializes in filler, you would have to give her a call. 

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Thanks for the doctors. I saw a dr rapaport video where he gives his patients a small hand held suction device. I wonder if these are sold by certain doctors only or if you get them online. Then again I suppose it depends if the doctor you go to belives in this method or not, as they may or may not recommend it.

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That thing is a piece of junk, no offense to Rapaport. I outline this in the FAQ - subcision section - how to suction. You buy "any" acupuncture cupping set also called a cupping set. http://www.owndoc.com sells them if you cannot find one. It's just Asian cupping ;-) I am sure you guys have them for venomous snakes and drop bear critters to suck out the venom.  Some call it beauty cupping, but it sure does not work for that. No doctor will believe in this procedure, Rapaport uses it as he sells his device for $$$ and it's worth less $1 from China. 99% of the doctors will do filler as at least they get some money, for application, but it does work better than cupping. 
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Oh okay good to know. The reason I want to have suction method is because I want to hold off on using filler as I might want to try energy devices in the future and it would be easier not worrying about how it would affect the filler integrity. Plus I want an accurate measure of how much improvment i'm getting without the filler. And with subcision I know you have to do something to prevent retethering. Might give suction cups a go if I find a doctor who thinks I'm a candidate for subcision.

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Have you tried dermaflage? I started using it a few days ago.  it conceals depressions.  you should try it before anything invasive.  I only wish I knew about this before my subcision, ( I was left with needle holes)

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