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Infini doctors australia

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I am really interested in infini rf treatment for atrophic scars. I live in Melbourne, Australia. Does anyone know any doctor or clinic that is reputable either in Melbourne or another city in Australia? I would rather a doctor than a delegated therapist. I am so worried about choosing the right place, really want the treatment to be a success and I know it is very much operator dependent. I had considered either victorian cosmetic institute or liberty belle in victoria but they are therapists. Otherwise dr Davin Lim in brisbane but I have read such mixed reviews some saying their treatment was good and others even reviews on here saying the infini with did not yeild good results, which has me worried as I would want to feel fairly confident about who I entrust my face to. There is also peter leneweiski and darryl hodgkinson in sydney. Any real patient reviews would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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The best out of that list is Dr. Lim, he specializes in just scars. The others you mentioned do other aesthetic procedures. People have flown across the globe to see him. Every practitioner has mixed reviews, with some good and bad, the reason being expectations are too high or the patient feels over sold, they heal poorly, the patient is a bit crazy and puts their challenges on the doctor, the doctor is busy, or the treatment selected was not the best one and another must be chosen after.  You have seen mixed reviews from this device also. It is hard to master. Do not fall for the 3 days down time that the manufacturer tells them to tell you. This could have a few weeks to a few months down time, same as laser, you of course can put makeup over it. It gets worse before better healing wise.  I do feel it can be better than laser for scars. , depends which kind you have to choose the proper treatment.

Have you tried non - energy device treatments before going this route: subcision w/ filler, tca cross for icepicks, tca peels, microneedling, etc?


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Thanks for your advice. I was actually all booked to proceed with infini and prp with Dr Lim but cancelled it, one reason being I saw a review from someone in Sydney who has had same treatment and actually said it made the scars worse which caused me to really worry and doubt. But having done more research it is true most top doctors have a mix of good and bad reviews. So in end you've got to pick someone if you want to have a treatment. Anyway in mean time I have booked mderma professional microneedling and factor 4 with a therapist of dr Ashley Granot from me clinic in melbourne. So maybe it's not a total loss that I cancelled can always do less invasive needling first and infini later. Davin did not mention subcision and I consulted with dr greg goodman in melbourne and neither did he, however I might bring it up as some doctors really recommend subcision for lifting scars, dr rapaport in US has written combination of subcision, baby aspirin and suction method which sounds interesting.

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@Eveeeeee Just to clarify. Doctors are not allowed on this site to counter any comments. There have been cases of patients who were not telling the whole truth about their situation. For instance one time a patient said the Dr ruined he / she and they needed to spend thousands of dollars to fix it. Come to find out, through asking for Dr's notes (the doctor wanted to clear up the situation), someone was lying as the procedure was never shown as completed. They never had any harsh treatments just micro needling. So again it's easy to mislead people, as we always give the benefit of the doubt to the patient. When I go on Amazon to buy something, I don't know if that is big in AUS, but you can leave reviews for everything. I figure half of the reviews are paid, and there is a abundance of negative reviews, the positive ones often are in happy bliss and do not feel the need to post. So you kind of have to take the opinion in the middle. With scars one person may sound terrible but, how many others were helped and happy. The person after all could have things done by others to their face, not follow healing instructions of aftercare,  or have filler that was melted by energy devices (this can definitely screw up your face) if you don't disclose it before procedure. 

Dr. Lim does not do Subcision and filler unless you specifically ask for it, his fortay is energy devices ( sometimes using them on combo with all sorts of treatments). You can get subcision and filler by anyone local to you.  

I feel that is a smart choice, going for microneedling and a few TCA peels this next year before diving into energy devices. Subcision w/ a nokor needle often gives the extra help with fat deficient spots. 
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Thanks, yes I feel microneedling at this stage is the way to go to. Rather be patient and consider each treatment carefully rather than going too fast with different more invasive procedures.

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